1000$ To Get Vaccinated?

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : August 6, 2021

With the covid 19, the world has shifted to a whole different era. Many businesses and industries were severely affected due to this pandemic. With the vaccines out now many of these businesses and industries are starting to resume their operations like in earlier times. However, there are many people who do not want to get vaccinated fearing the underlying conditions which might affect them.

1000$ To Get Vaccinated?

Many of the companies are encouraging their employees to get vaccinated by providing certain incentives like 2 days off or some coupons or some other things.

Similarly, Vanguard one of the world’s largest investment companies said that it will give out 1000$ to all the employees who get vaccinated before 1st Oct. This 1000$ will be given out as an incentive to all the employees. Vanguard has an employee count of 16,500 people working around the world for its operation.   Many other companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Google are also encouraging their employees to get vaccinated as well.

1000$ To Get Vaccinated?

A spokesperson for Vanguard, Charles Kurtz in an interview said that the times are tough and that vaccination is the only effective way to get through these tough times and Vanguard recognizes this which is the reason they are offering 1000$ to all the eligible employees till the due date of 1st Oct.

It has been now declared by the US government that the vaccination is not just for essential services but also for the general public as well. There are many vaccines available in the markets now which include Pfizer, Covishield, covaxin, and many more. The severely affected states of Texas, California, and Florida have seen an increase in vaccination drives and more people coming out of their homes to get vaccinated.

The CDC on Wednesday said that the delta variant is much more dangerous and is also seen in fully vaccinated people as well. However, in vaccinated people, there is no severe harm the variant does. But the more concerning thing is the variant gets transmitted from a fully vaccinated person to a nonvaccinated person and then causes life-threatening conditions. Addressing this issue CDC has asked all people even if they are fully vaccinated to wear masks so as to curb the transmission of this variant.

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Upon the data received from hospitals, it has been observed that most of the people who are affected by the delta variant are people who have not been vaccinated. The delta variant causing issues has been reported as 0.3% in vaccinated people which is a lot small group and does not also cause any life-threatening conditions as well. This has led to the new mask rule of wearing masks indoors as well if you are in a high priority zone in the United States.

Charles Kurtz stated that the employees of Vanguard can only return to normal office working scenarios if they are vaccinated and proper hygiene protocols and social distancing protocols are being employed at the office so as to ensure a smooth transition and easy work life for the employees. He also added that the employees have been given proper training on the new normal and the new work culture that is to be followed on a daily basis once they return to the office.

Charles Kurtz mentioned that with the new incentive announced they have seen more people from Vanguard getting vaccinated making it easy for the office to be reopened sooner and this incentive will be distributed to all the eligible employees in the October payroll with their salary.

Looking at Vanguard`s initiative many other companies have also decided to follow the same track.

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