About Us

Who We Are

The Powdersville Post is South Carolina’s most trusted and best source for news and analysis on politics, business, health, sports, and entertainment. We are an independent and defiant group of professionals who are dedicated to bringing you the latest, fastest, and most accurate news from around the world in a range of formats. We provide award-winning journalism that provokes our local communities to think and inspires them to take action.

The Post is known for its daring investigative reporting, its insightful coverage of public health and wellness, and its community-shaping opinions and editorials. The Powdersville Post is a flagship publication of the Globe-News Network that owns and manages more than 20+ publications across the United States and internationally. Every day, our publications work collectively toward our vision of a free and enlightened world.

What We Do

Our mission is clear: we are in constant pursuit of the truth to help people better understand the world around us. We serve our readers, by shining a bright light that we hope will illuminate truth and emancipate our society from the darkness of ignorance. This mission guides the work that we do every day. 

We believe that brave and honest journalism has the power to create a stronger and more empowered society. We ask difficult questions and break big stories, and offer our readers unparalleled access to the people and events shaping our world today. We envision a society where our readers can question every news they hear and make sound judgments rather than being manipulated by words. We strive to play our part in building an empathetic, just, resourceful, better society.

Leadership & Newsroom Staff

Publisher: Mathew Rainwater

Editor-in-Chief: Edward Rainwater

Managing Editor: Alexius Rainwater

World & Politics Editor: Ray Johnson

National & Local News Editor: Mike Branch

Editorial Page Editor: James Watt

Economy & Finance Correspondent: Sam Gee

Director of Sports Content: Camryn Walker

Entertainment Editor: Nikki Attkisson

Science & Medicine Correspondent: Dr. Ricardo Alvarez

Health Correspondent: Dr. Stacy Tyree

Health Correspondent: Allie Troy

Lifestyle Correspondent: Josiah Finn

Lifestyle Correspondent: Flynn Rey

Director of Photography: Lindsay Wilson