369 Manifestation Code Reviews – Does This Unique 3 Digit Audio Book Manifest Your Desires?

Josiah finn | Last Updated : June 25, 2021

This 369 Manifestation code review talks about the easiest and undiscovered way to obtain the life of your choice using a particular sound. The 369 Manifestation code can help you to make money out of nothing, thus giving the customer a life one desires to have. There are no learning techniques, mental visualizations involved in this 369 Manifestation code, and it is a matter of spending 5 minutes a day only.

369 Manifestation Code Reviews – Is This 3 Digit Manifestation Code To Achieve Financial Freedom?

369 Manifestation Code program helps you to get the desired life using some numbers, which are capable of tuning the universe to fulfill your desires.

Everything one should know about the creator, working, benefits, pros, cons, price, legitimacy, and availability of the 369 Manifestation Code have been explained in this 369 Manifestation Code review.

369 manifestation code Reviews
Program Name369 Manifestation Code
Main BenefitsHelp you fulfills your desires
SpecificationAudio Program, e-books
Money-Back Guarantee60 Days
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is the 369 Manifestation Code?

All kinds of manifestations are controlled by how our mind is connected to the universe and one should know that all the wealth and abundance are sourced from the mind and universe. It does not involve any law of attraction or any other manifestation techniques.

The 369 Manifestation code also known as Tesla Manifestation Program enables the user to achieve an alpha brainwave state, which helps in focusing on what you need.

The Tesla Manifestation System features 369Hz audio, which clears the root chakra and changes the brain waves. It opens the way to prosperity to achieve your goal.

This enables you to overcome financial difficulties, stress, and other negative things in your mind. The 369 Manifestation code is designed at specific frequencies of 10 minutes a day to help you fulfill your desires.


Creator of 369 Manifestation Code

The very idea behind 369 Manifestation is invented by Nikola Tesla, the greatest scientist to ever live. The 369 Manifestation Code available today was created by Darius, a famous manifestation teacher. He was a person who is responsible for many technological innovations the modern radio, x-ray technology, early robotic, and even the concept of the electric motor you see in the Tesla Cars.

He was an undoubted genius who became the Master of Manifestations. Tesla believed that all the ideas he developed have come from the universe and not from his mind and that is why he connected his mind with the universe using frequency or vibration.

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How does the 369 Manifestation Code Program work?

The mind carries whatever one actually wants to achieve and the universe is responsible for delivering it. Here, this Tesla Manifestation Code or 369 Manifestation Code allows the user to connect the mind to the universe using a frequency of numbers three, six, and nine (369).

These are special numbers that hold the key to entering a new alternative, an abundant reality. This demonstration shows how numbers can quickly and easily capture you by computing the mind and universe to allure financial freedom with ease.

This 369 Manifestation Code program also makes unexpected payouts, all in full autopilot. The 369 Manifestation Code is based on the idea that releasing the correct vibration is the key to connect with the source of everything one needs from the universe.

The effect of sound in each of us is different and there are many dramatic ways through which the sound affects us. Certain sounds can evoke an incredible result on the brain.

The idea of this incredible sound effect has been backed by scientific researches which led to the conclusion that 369 hertz is one among the fastest and easiest ways to get into an Alpha brain wave state.

This Alpha Brain wave state calms the mind and allows one to focus on anything and whatever you focus on will manifest into reality. One just has to follow three simple steps to manifest a life of your choice:

✋Step 1: Relax for some time and take 10 minutes to listen to the vibration-altering sound.

✋Step 2: Give your mind some time to move into the Alpha Brain Wave Pattern, this is where all the changes happen on a deeper level.

✋Step 3: Wait for some time for the thinking patterns and altered vibration to hold the mind to manifest things

369 Manifestation Code Working

These Alpha Brain Waves are capable of reducing the depressive symptoms and increasing the creating thinking of an individual. 

369 Manifestation Code benefits

The benefits you get from Tesla Manifestation Program are purely personal and it will stay with you as long as you follow the instructions in the manual.


✔️ Makes your dream come true –The 369 Manifestation Code provides you a solution to make your dreams and desires come true by following 3 simple steps. 

✔️ No negative effects – There are no negative or wrong effects in this program. If you follow it, the results will follow you.

✔️ Easy and simple – 369 Manifestation Code is never a herculean task for anyone. You can easily understand and follow the steps.

✔️ Helps in improvising life –The manual helps in improvising different stages of your life whether it is your career, health, or family by connecting your mind to the universe. 

✔️ Money-back guarantee – If you don’t get results after following the steps, you still can try it for 60 days and can get a 100% money-back guarantee from the day of purchase to 60 days.

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What does 369 Manifestation Code include?

The Tesla Manifestation or 369 Manifestation Code comes as a bundle of programs and if you download the program you also get access to other packages which includes:

???? The 3 Digit Manifestation Code.

???? The Millionaire Mindset Shift.

???? The Money Abundance Magnet Moves.

???? Money Confidence Booster.

???? The Health Chakra Spinner.

369 Manifestation Code Program

Pros and cons of 369 Manifestation Code

It is very important to keep an eye on the pros as well as cons.


  • Easy to hear and follow.
  • No need for physical energy.
  • No need to learn anything new.
  • No need to do any boring visualizations.
  • No need for any efforts.


  • Available only on the official website and not from any other websites.
  • Need to have full commitment and concentration in this program.

Why should you choose the 369 Manifestation Code Program?

When it comes to wealth creation, it may sound like a massive task. Nobody would want to do anything that would put you in confusion, depression, or things that make you feel angry or sad.

This is when you realize the activities required to manifest things to fulfills your desires easily and that is why you have to choose 369 Manifestation Code.

Unlike any other manifestation techniques, the Tesla Manifestation program does not ask you to do anything boring like visualizing things, learning new ways, etc.

369 Manifestation Code program also helps you to achieve a billionaire lifestyle, amazing vacations, true happiness, and inner peace. One just has to follow certain steps which can help your mind to connect with the universe using the Brain Wave Pattern.

Is 369 Manifestation Code legit?

When it comes to legitimacy, first of all, one should consider the creator of the 369 Manifestation Code – Nikon Tesla. A genius who has created many technological advancements and became famous through the name of the Tesla motor cars.

Secondly, this 369 Manifestation Code program does not ask you to perform many tasks, you just have to sit and relax. Finally, there is a 100% cashback guarantee to the 369 Manifestation Code, within 60 days of purchase.

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369 Manifestation Code customer reviews and complaints

All the customers who have availed of the 369 Manifestation Code have not given any complaints about the program.

Moreover, they have also given positive 369 Manifestation Code reviews regarding how it offered relief from stressful life and showed results within 3 days of use.

Some others have given 369 Manifestation Code reviews about how it helped them in increasing their financial stability.

369 Manifestation Code Customer Reviews

369 Manifestation Code Pricing & Availability

The entirely online program of 369 Manifestation Code is available only on the official website of 369 Manifestation Code. One cannot avail of it from any other online websites or shops. 

You can avail of the Tesla Manifestation Program for $27, excluding the tax amount which is only $8.46. And the most interesting part is that you are not only getting access to the 369 Manifestation Code but also to the additional bonuses for free, which can cost a huge amount if bought separately.  

Above all, you also get a 100% refund in case of no results or disappointment (which is very unlikely to happen), within 60 days of purchase.

369 Manifestation Code Bonuses

Along with the 369 Manifestation Code, you get additional bonuses free for the same amount. This includes;

The Millionaire Mindset Shift



The Money Abundance Magnet Moves


????The Money Abundance Magnet Moves

These are simple behaviors one can adopt into their life to attract abundance 10 times faster and easier. 



????Money Confidence Booster

Money and confidence can go hand in hand. The more confidence you have, the more you feel deserving. The confidence in you will attract more money and abundance to you.


Money Confidence Booster

Health Chakra Spinner

????Health Chakra Spinner

Chakras are the spinning wheels of energy associated with different parts of the body. Each culture talks about chakras in various body parts. Health is almost guaranteed when they move around easily. Life’s ups and downs can change or slow their spin, and then show poor health and illness. This special recording helps you turn your health wheel in the right direction.

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The Verdict On 369 Manifestation Code Reviews : A Trustworthy Investment!

If you are looking to meet your desires without taking too many risks, then Tesla Manifestation Program or 369 Manifestation Code is the right choice.

This 369 Manifestation Code program is a simple and easy system that can make your life calm and composed without much effort. The key to attracting luck is by spending a few minutes a day in this program.

It is a unique tool designed to achieve your desires with minimum effort and enjoyed by thousands of people in their life. It offers yourself and your loved ones, a life full of love, happiness, success, and financial stability.

The 60-day refund guarantee is a plus which gives you the confidence to invest a small amount in 369 Manifestation Code program purchases.


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