4 Gauge Reviews – An Effective Bodybuilding Supplement For Strength And Endurance!

Dr. Stacy Tyree | Last Updated : February 25, 2021

Have you felt drained after every workout session? If so, these 4 Gauge reviews might help you find a reliable remedy to boost your energy and resilience. 

There are too many confusing pre-workout supplements in the market and their adverts and claims would make it difficult to trust in one.

Pre-workout supplement, as you know, helps you stay energetic and powerful throughout your workout sessions. You will have to take them just before you hit the gym, and they might come in different forms and types. 

4 Gauge Reviews – The Most Effective Pre-workout Supplement For Men?

4 Gauge supplements are highly popular among fitness freaks and bodybuilders as they seek support to reach their goals. 4 Gauge is a currently trending name in the market and its popularity is intriguing.

While the official website refers to it as an explosive and effective pre-workout supplement, here’s what I have to tell you about the different aspects of 4 Gauge as an experienced user. 

Go through my 4 Gauge reviews to know more. 

4 Gauge Reviews
Product Name4 Gauge
Main BenefitsHelps you lift more weight and build a strong physique
Main IngredientsCaffeine Anhydrous, Red Beet, Rhodiola Rosea, and much more
CategoryHealth & Fitness
Administration RouteOral
DosageTake 2 Scoops of 4 Gauge 30 minutes before the workout (For The Best Results)
Result2 to 4 hours
Side EffectsNo Major Side Effects reported
AvailabilityOnly through the official website
Official WebsiteClick Here

What Is 4 Gauge?

4 Gauge is the safest and strongest pre-workout supplement in the market that is made of the best natural nutrients to ensure maximum body and brain performance.

The supplement is made of a 4-in-1 pre-workout formula to improve the raw strength, lasting energy, intense muscle pumps, and strong focus. 

4 Gauge supplement comes in the form of powder with no artificial sweeteners. 4 Gauge supplement is made of all-natural ingredients and fruit-blast flavors to give it great taste without depending on artificial flavoring.

Per saving, the supplement will contain 5 guilt-free calories. While ensuring the maximum body and brain performance being the goal, the 4 Gauge supplement is well-researched and tested by experts.

The manufacturers state that the 4 Gauge supplement is a result of decades-long research and clinical studies. Their goal was to come up with the most effective and potent natural formula to enhance not just physical performance, but mental health as well.

It is completely made for those who want to see faster results in their gym and sport performances. 4 Gauge is called the long-term solution that can tap into your full potential.

Taking two scoops of the supplement before a workout can give you all the power and positivity you need to perform great, the creators put forward.

Let’s take a closer look at the other aspects you need to know about the 4 Gauge supplement. 

4 Gauge Ingredients

The selection of ingredients is a notable factor that makes 4 Gauge unique from the other ordinary pre-workout supplements in the market. Unlike other pre-workout supplements, 4 Gauge ingredients stand unique for the following parameters,

  • While other pre-workout supplements use the label of proprietary blends to hide risky ingredients, 4 Gauge uses none. There are no proprietary blends or hidden ingredients in the 4 Gauge pre-workout supplement. 
  • All the nutrients included in the formula are dosed as per research and studies. 
  • 4 Gauge formula is derived from natural resources, avoiding sweeteners and synthetic ingredients. The supplement includes no banned substances. 
  • To stay ahead of the competition in the market, 4 Gauge always updates when there is room for betterment. 
  • To ensure not to compromise on quality, 4 Gauge formula is made in cGMP-approved facilities. 

4 Gauge supplement is made of the following ingredients,

Ingredients-Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine is known for its potential to increase strength and muscle endurance. But you have to use it moderately. Caffeine helps slow down glycogen depletion and encourages the body to use fat for energy. Caffeine content is also helpful in improving muscle contraction strength and keeping you energetic for a long. 

Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine Monohydrate

It serves a range of health benefits starting from increased power to enhanced cognition. It helps you stay hydrated and energetic. Creatine helps muscle builders and fitness freaks to have power and performance. 

L-Citrulline DL-malate

L-Citrulline DL-malate

Citrulline is a kind of amino acid from watermelons. By giving a massive boost to the nitric oxide levels, it helps you have incredible pumps and endurance. 4 Gauge uses the optimum dosage of citrulline in the formula for the best results.

Red Beet

Red Beet

We all are familiar with the goodness of natural resources to help you have incredible pumps and muscle endurance. It helps you stay energetic throughout and after every workout session. 

Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola Rosea

Used as a medication in traditional Chinese medicine, it helps in promoting cognition and overall mood. It is a Scandinavian herb that combats fatigue and depression. It also helps you stay motivated and energetic. 



This is another amino acid that has many benefits. It helps promote energy and reduce muscle damage. 

Coconut Water Powder

Coconut Water Powder

Coconut water is powered by an electrolyte that helps in keeping you hydrated. Coconut water is considered equal to sports drinks that contain nutrients and potassium. It also helps in lowering blood pressure, preventing hypertension, and reducing headaches. 

Other ingredients as mentioned in the 4 Gauge supplement label include dextrose, erythritol, natural flavors, xylitol, monk fruit extract, silica, and swerve.

How Does 4 Gauge Work?

The natural and powerful blend of 4 Gauge formula works well to make you feel incredible during and after the workout. All the 8 main ingredients work magic inside the body just in a matter of 15 minutes.

4 Gauge supplement has explosive power that helps form a connection between the body and brain. This power helps you lift more weight and build a strong physique. 

It helps you have laser focus on your sessions and maintain dedication throughout. It also offers extended stamina that helps you stay stronger for longer, and be productive during the sessions. 

All the ingredients in the formula focus on great muscle pumping while training. This will help you gain size and stamina.

Benefits You Can Expect From Using 4 Gauge Supplement

The supplement contains ingredients that are highly beneficial for overall health. 4 Gauge benefits can be listed as follows:

  • Helps in improved muscle growth, strength, and stamina.
  • You will have a stronger and slim physique.
  • Supports incredible performance.
  • Keeps you energized and motivated to workout more.
  • Increases your muscle pumps and blood flow.
  • Help reduce muscle soreness and damage after workout sessions.
  • Enhances growth hormone and training volume.
  • Helps you focus on and stay crash-free.
  • Improves power and endurance.
  • Elevate mood and relieves stress.
  • Enhances your cognition and focus.
  • Helps the body use oxygen more effectively. 
  • Some of the ingredients help in lowering fat and fatigue.
  • Enhances performance.
  • Helps in keeping you hydrated and lower blood pressure.                 

Side Effects, Dosage, And How To Use 4 Gauge Supplement?

As a well-researched pre-workout supplement, there are not many 4 Gauge side effects reported to be mentioned here. The supplement uses high-quality ingredients to ensure the safety of users.

For the best results, you can use 2 scoops of 4 Gauge 30 minutes before the workout. However, it is recommended to check your tolerance with the supplement before continuing the dosage.

You can also take 4 Gauge 15 minutes before a workout as some people do the same. However, it depends on how it might work for you. 

While the supplement has not received any negative feedback, it is still healthy to consult a physician or a nutritionist before consuming. People with pre-existing medical conditions or those below 18 years, should stay away from taking the supplement.

4 Gauge Dosage

How Long Will 4 Gauge Take For The Results?

You can notice the changes within 15 minutes. However, it might vary from person to person. For the best results, you can take it every day and pause for a week after every 6-8 weeks. 

How Long Would The Results Stay?

You can feel the results for 2 to 4 hours after taking the scoop. Still, the results may vary for different people. You can expect long-lasting results, maybe for around 5 hours. 

4 Gauge Customer Reviews

Price & Where To Buy 4 Gauge Supplements?

4 Gauge is available for purchase on their official website. For safety reasons, you are recommended to buy it only from the authentic, official website. 

4 Gauge price as per the official website are as follows:

  • You can buy X3 4 Gauge shell and get 1 shell-free, at $ 135.
  • 2 Gauge shells can be purchased at $90.
  • If you are to try it for once, go for 1 shell at $ 45. 

For all the purchases from the official website, you will not have to pay any recurring charges and shipping free.

Final Verdict – 4 Gauge Reviews

And finally, we come to the end of 4 Gauge reviews! When compared with other pre-workout supplements available in the market, 4 Gauge is a potential one with a solid formula. The ingredients and doses of each are carefully designed and structured after thorough research and experiments. 

One of the distinct features that help it stand out from the other supplements is the taste. Most supplements have a strange taste, while 4 Gauge has an enjoyable fruit blast flavor. Keeping aside the relatively high pricing, 4 Gauge can be considered to be a great pre-workout option.

You can go for 4 Gauge if you are looking for a pre-workout supplement that can keep you pumped and energetic throughout the sessions. The supplement is highly reliable as my research finds it to be. 

4 Gauge can be a great addition to your muscle-building progress and workout motivation.     

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