500,000 Deaths By Next Month: President Biden Warns

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : January 23, 2021

President Biden said on Thursday that, by next month, the country would have 500,000 COVID-related deaths as cases after cases are mounting up currently in the country. 

The president was in a briefing at the White House yesterday, and also added that the present situation in the country has not occurred within a single day, so it requires months to turn around things in the country.

500,000 Deaths By Next Month: Warns Biden 

He added by warning that it is going to take several months to get the majority of Americans to be vaccinated and that is the brutal truth currently the nation faces.

The present condition also lowered his expectations to accelerate the administration of vaccination doses in the country. 

Even Though, he strongly stated again his commitment to have a vaccination campaign that is safe, aggressive, and effective. Days before he was sworn in, Biden promised to vaccinate 100 million Americans within his initial 100 days at the office.

However, things got even worse as deaths and contractions reached the peaks. So, based on estimations, even if Biden could keep his promise, it won’t be sufficient. To tackle this, Biden has to bring in more effective plans to get ready to fight the pandemic. 

The calculations done by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that during the last around 912,497 doses were distributed per day. 

Biben came to power in a period where COVID-related deaths are still skyrocketing in the country. According to the latest reports by the COVID Tracking Project, there have been 3,889 deaths in the U.S on Thursday. The previous day hit with a record rise in 4,409 single day deaths on Wednesday. 

Dr. Fauci said that the plan by Biden on the administration of vaccine doses involved in taking what is going on but amplifying it in a big way. 

He added that the country has further plans if the vaccine seems to be ineffective towards the new variants of the coronavirus.

In that case, the vaccine will be modified to make it stronger to fight the new strains, and it would be a very onerous thing to do. The country can bring the needed modifications to the virus as we have all the required platforms with us. 

The president already executed plans to reset the response of the country towards the crisis related to the pandemic on the very first day of his presidency.

He ordered a 100-day masking campaign all over the country to reduce the pace of the coronavirus. He said on Wednesday that the country is in the toughest and deadliest period which occurred ever before, and we should set aside politics and face the crisis as a single nation. 

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