A New Variant Of Coronavirus Called Mu Found Creating A Stir

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 11, 2021

Mu took very seriously by United States health officials

The present crisis of coronavirus has led to more work and precaution as a new variant called Mu is identified. The technical name of the variant Mu is B.1.621. Not much data is available to speak in detail about this variant of the virus. The doctors and scientists are on their toes, keeping a close watch on its working.

One of the main concerns is the effectiveness of the vaccine

Mu may or may not be controlled with the vaccine. It is one of the many mutating variants of the coronavirus. The researcher’s main concern is controlling the effects of Mu with the present vaccines. The best brands of vaccines are made available for people in doses to be taken after set gaps.

The doctors in the United States have a say about Mu

The delta variant is known all across the United States to be more than 99% dominant. The variant Mu, to the relief of the United States health officials, is not as dominant. Mu’s ability to potentially evade the vaccine has made the officials seek more data. They need to be sure of the interaction between the virus and the vaccine.

The new variant Mu may evade certain antibodies

Mu may be evading the grip of the antibodies to a small extent, however; it needs more data. So, it is under a strong watch in the United States by the health department to determine the same. It has to be curbed and precautions have to be made to protect the people of the United States. The officials have confirmed that there is no immediate danger owing to Mu as yet.

Mu becomes a variant of interest as said by the WHO

The World Health Organization (WHO) has called the Mu variant, a variant of interest. It was first found in Colombia, South of America, in January this year. Mu has been the reason for the third wave of the coronavirus in the nation and has been under the watch of the health department. A good vaccine to thwart the impact of the Mu variant and further mutations is what they are working to create.

Colombia mentions the number of deaths in the hands of Mu

Ever since January, Mu has stirred the country’s third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, all through April to June. So far, around 700 people have been infected by this variant. This number is only for about a day while many more lives have been lost all throughout the third wave. After the tests of the patients, about two-thirds of them were detected to be due to Mu.

Situation unpredictable due to the unpredictability of the variants

Because the variants act uncertainly, how they will mutate, impact and react to the already existing vaccine in the body is unpredictable. Under 14,000 new patients have been reported in Colombia in the past week. Out of them, 530 patients detected with COVID-19 have succumbed to the virus. As far as vaccination is concerned, less than 30% of the country’s population is fully vaccinated.

Globally, the impact of Mu has been detected to be declining

Among the sequenced cases, the prevalence of the Mu variant has only declined, globally. The global prevalence of the Mu variant is under control at around 0.1%. The alarming rate of people affected by the Mu in Colombia has put the impetus on vaccination. The other 70% of the people of Colombia need to think deeper about getting vaccinated.

The Mu variant mostly drastic in some regions than the other

At present, the statistics show that the prevalence of the Mu variant in Colombia and Ecuador is rising. Colombia has shown an increase of about 39% and a rise of about 13% is detected in Ecuador. The World Health Organization has given the data that some major outbreaks have been reported in the South of America. Europe has also been reported to be showing an increase in the cases owing to the Mu variant.

Mutating virus highlights the need to maintain precaution

The importance of precaution is better than cure cannot be further stressed in today’s time. The virus is mutating into various types. The people, both vaccinated and not are facing the ever-changing pandemic. It is advisable to wear a mask and get vaccinated to do what is in one’s capacity to be safe.

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