Airbnb Cancels All Washington Reservations For Inauguration Week

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : January 15, 2021

Travellers wanting to visit Washington during the inauguration week will face a tough time as several companies are cancelling the reservations in this region.

Airbnb has also responded to the recent capital riots and announced that it would be cancelling all reservations in Washington for the inauguration week.

The home rental company said that users would not be able to make new reservations in the city for the next week.

The company also informs that guests will get a full refund of their bookings and the hosts will get paid to compensate for the losses due to cancelled reservations.

Airbnb Cancels All Washington Reservations For Inauguration Week

The local authorities have given strict instructions for visitors to not travel to the DC Metro area for the inauguration event.

Apart from that, there are several intelligence reports emerging that armed groups may create problems during the inauguration event in Washington.

Considering the situation, Airbnb has decided to cancel all the reservations for the inauguration week. It is not yet clear as to how many reservations would be impacted by this move.

The company has recently announced that it will ban people involved in the US Capital Siege from booking rooms on its platform in future.

The company had said that it would verify the membership logs for capital rioters whenever it gets suitable information and block them from using the platform in the future.

Several security agencies have warned Travellers to not visit Washington for the next week. FBI and other security agencies are analysing the threats with regards to armed violence during the inauguration event.

Apart from Washington, several other regions across the country are also on high alert for the next few days. The security agencies have asked Travellers to stay home and avoid travelling unless it was absolutely necessary.

Not only that, but travellers are also given strict warnings by the CDC to stay at home as much as possible due to the risk of covid-19 infection.

The CDC had earlier indicated that travellers would be under high risk of contracting covid-19 during the Christmas holiday season. Even after these warnings from the CDC, millions of Travellers continued with their plans during the holiday season.

The CDC has said that the recent Surge in covid-19 cases across the country was due to the travel done during the Christmas holidays.

Meanwhile, the CDC has also imposed restrictions on the entry of international Travellers into the US. All Travellers coming to the US need to provide covid test report before boarding the flight.

The agency has given strict instructions to Airlines to not allow those people who do not provide the test report before boarding the flight. Only those passengers who test negative for covid-19 would be allowed to enter the country.

The travel industry is also planning to make suitable changes to its services considering the covid-19 restrictions.

Several airports are now joining hands with testing centres so that travellers can easily get the covid test done whenever it is needed in the future.

Apart from that, the travel industry also requested the CDC to provide vaccines to flight attendants and other airline workers on high priority.

As these workers deal with a lot of passengers on a daily basis, it is essential to vaccinate them at the earliest in order to stop the spread of coronavirus in the near future.

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