Airliners Ask President Biden To Frame A Standardized Documentation For Air Passport

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : March 10, 2021

Airliners and businesses are asking President Biden to frame a temporary and standardized documentation to help travellers show that they are tested and vaccinated for COVID 19. This, according to them, will boost the travel industry. Different countries and groups are working to frame a vaccine passport with a view to allow travel. But they fear that half-information will cause confusion.

Airliners Ask President Biden To Frame A Standardized Documentation For Air Passport

Over 24 groups sent a letter to the White House coronavirus response team coordinator asking him to prepare uniform guidelines in this regard. According to them, the US should lead the world in this regard. They, however, added that vaccination must not be an essential requirement for traveling in international flights. The main US and international airliners, labor unions and the country’s Chamber of Commerce are the groups that sent this letter. 

Airliners Ask President Biden To Frame A Standardized Documentation For Air Passport

The United Nations Aviation and the World Health Organization are working on the information to be included in such a travel credential. The airliners are keenly interested in having the CDC take the lead role in the matter. According to them, such a move will add certainty to the statement that the information contained in the credential documentation is valid.

CDC had issued its guidelines on Monday. It had advised that those vaccinated can meet other vaccinated people without wearing masks. They are even free to meet unvaccinated family members. But they should be low-risk people. The agency, however, cautions against travel. Whenever there happens an increase in travel, the instances of COVID 19 increase correspondingly, it said. The agency also observed that the new variants of the virus that is spreading in the US began in foreign countries. Still, it sees the possibility of allowing travel by vaccinated people as more data become available in the matter.

The airline industry is the worst-hit by the COVID 19 pandemic. The country is showing signs of recovery. But every day, they are losing more than $150000000. The number of people traveling in flights has reduced 60% when compared with the same period in 2019. Most of them have now chosen to fly within the country.

Airliners are hoping that the widespread vaccination will change the situation. They are hopeful that a vaccination passport will boost the industry.

Given below are CDC’s observations at present in this regard:

CDC relaxed certain restrictions for vaccinated people. As mentioned above, they can now meet vaccinated people and their unvaccinated low-risk members without wearing a mask. But they have not yet given any update with regard to relaxing travel restrictions. According to the agency, US citizens should refrain from travelling even when they are vaccinated. According to it, COVID 19 spreads through travel. Those planning a travel should take all precautions the agency has published.  The healthcare sector is striving to vaccinate more and more people. But people should take all recommended preventative measures to stop the virus from spreading. Pre and post-travel testing, self-quarantine after travel and wearing high-quality masks are the must among them.

Even though the restrictions are there in place at present, it may update travel relaxations soon. The agency is waiting for more data and for information on the effectiveness of the vaccines.

Even though CDC remains insistent in the matter, it has published certain guidelines for those planning a trip abroad:

  • Receive the two doses of vaccines if you are eligible. Then wait for 14 days for the vaccine to take effect.
  • Get tested 1-3 days before travelling.
  • Check all existing travel restrictions in advance.
  • Wear a mask that covers your mouth and nose.
  • Sanitize your hands at regular intervals.
  • Keep extra sanitizers and masks in hand.
  • Do not contact anyone infected.
  • Refrain from touching your nose or eyes.

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