AppAway Reviews – An Effective Solution For Fat Melting?

Dr. Ricardo Alvarez | Last Updated : September 17, 2021

AppAway Reviews [Updated] – AppAway is a dietary weight loss supplement formulated by Dr. Ross Gardner, a doctor and medical research expert, and sold by AZRO LLC.

The supplement intends to address the root cause of weight gain and put an end to it. Dr. Ross Gardner formulated the supplement based on a cutting-edge study published by Dr. Olivia Farr, a Harvard researcher. With the help of it, Ross Gardner could find the key to weight gain and hunger cravings. 

AppAway Reviews – A Genuine Supplement Which Controls Unwanted Cravings?

You might have been through many so-called breakthrough weight loss solutions before. However, AppAway stands unique for many reasons.

To have a better understanding, go through the AppAway review that looks at the aspects like its ingredients, how it works, effects, side effects, and customer comments on the supplement.

AppAway Review

There are many powerful factors that are outside of a person’s control like genetics, environmental factors, medical conditions, etc. Even though becoming overweight and obese may not be a choice, shedding excess weight seems to be a difficult one for you. But don’t worry. Read AppAway review to know more.

Product NameAppAway
Main BenefitsIt helps to lose weight.
Overall Rating⭐⭐⭐⭐☆ 4.6/5
CreatorDr. Ross Gardner
CategoryDietary Supplement
IngredientsNatural & Proven Ingredients
Administration RouteOral
DosageConsume two capsules for 60 to 90 days continuously.
Side EffectsNo Major Side Effects
Price$49.00 (Check here for the Discount Price)
AvailabilityOnly through the official website
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is AppAway?

AppAway is an all-natural formula that uses clinically proven cravings killer to put an end to unwanted weight gain. The supplement comes in the form of easy-to-swallow pills that make use of HC-peptide to control hunger cravings and unwanted weight gain. It stands unique in the weight loss supplement industry as a single ingredient supplement. 

According to the creator, AppAway is supposed to help burn stubborn fat and suppress emotional eating. He created the supplement based on the study by Dr. Olivia Farr, who found that binge eating or emotional eating is triggered by a pesky chemical in the brain called neuropeptide Y. The AppAway formula was created to address this root cause of emotional eating and put an end to unwanted weight gain.

AppAway Manufacturer:

The supplement is formulated by Dr. Ross Gardner, who was running a family clinic in Florida. He went on researching the unknown cause of uncontrolled carb craving and binge eating. His research ends with the conclusion that Neuropeptide Y plays a vital role in weight gain. 

Though Dr. Ross Gardner formulated AppAway, it is sold through the online platform of and manufactured by AZRO LLC.    

AppAway Ingredients:

The main factor that makes AppAway unique from other weight loss supplements is that it is formulated using a single, all-natural ingredient. The one and only ingredient of the AppAway capsule is HC-Peptide, which the creator calls the slimming sugar.

It is a patented 100% natural ingredient, clinically proven to reduce hunger and carb cravings. The experts at French University have studied and patented it only for clinical usage.

The creator Dr. Ross Gardner encapsulated the pure concentrate of slimming sugar into AppAway supplement. Clinical trials on humans have proven that slimming sugar can possibly reduce abdominal fat.   

How Does AppAway work?

AppAway is considered to be the only NPY-reducer that contains a pure concentrate of slimming sugar. It is not available anywhere other than the website as it is patented and produced only by the French Research Institute.

Taking AppAway daily lowers your NPY levels, which helps you win over emotional eating. It is clinically proven to reduce your carb cravings.

No matter how much weight you have to lose, no matter your age, no matter what your metabolism might be like, it helps. Its effects start in just 7 days. AppAway lowers NPY levels, thereby putting you back in control. It shrinks your waistline and flattens the belly.

AppAway Benefits:

AppAway seems to offer many benefits as a natural weight loss solution. You can expect the following benefits using AppAway:

  • Lose weight naturally: The supplement helps you burn fat with the help of the all-natural, safe formula.
  • Eat everything of your choice: It doesn’t ask you to starve to lose weight.
  • Helps control over-eating: The supplement lowers Neuropeptide Y, which helps you control your emotional and binge eating. 
  • Improved self-image and confidence: Rather than just losing weight, it helps you burn fat even from the most difficult spots.


  • Clinically-proven.
  • Uses 100% natural ingredients.
  • Safe to be used by anyone.
  • Burns fat faster.


  • Only available online.
  • Unclear about the ingredients used.
AppAway dietary supplement

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AppAway Side effects:

There are no reported side effects with AppAway dietary pills. However, there are chances that some may experience allergic reactions. So, it is important to consider seeking advice from your healthcare provider before taking the supplement if you have a history of allergy.  

Dosage and How to use AppAway?

The creator recommends taking two AppAway pills every day with a glass of water. Refrain from exceeding the recommended dosage to avoid unhealthy consequences. 

Who should and shouldn’t use AppAway?

Anyone who wants to lose weight can take AppAway pills. Your age, how much weight you want to lose, how your metabolism works don’t matter.

The supplement is safe to be consumed by anyone, except a few categories of people. Pregnant women, lactating mothers, people with any serious medical ailments should not take the supplement at all. Those who have a history of allergy should consult their healthcare provider before taking the supplement.

AppAway for weightloss

How long does it really take to get results?

Clinical studies showed that AppAway starts working within 7 days. But, the best results come when you take it for longer. 8 weeks is the recommended time frame according to the clinical study.

Hence, you should take AppAway for at least 60 days to get the best results. It is not a magic pill that burns 10lbs overnight. The only way to lose weight is to simply take in fewer calories than your body uses. Follow a balanced diet and light exercise. 

How long would the results stay?

Customers who have taken the supplement as recommended for at least 2 to 3 months have reported enjoying the results for up to 1 to 2 years. To make sure that your NPY levels stay low permanently, you will have to continue taking the supplement longer. 

Is AppAway legit?

AppAway is clinically proven to lose weight by reducing NPY, limiting caloric intake, and controlling binge eating. The creator shares scientific evidence and data on the official website, which validates the reliability of the supplement. Users have also testified the supplement to be trustworthy through their AppAway reviews online and testimonials on the official website.

The money-back guarantee coverage also shows the confidence of the creator in his product. 

Comparison With Autaphagene


AppAway Review

$49 / bottle

Affordable price

Clinically proven to reduce carb cravings

Formula start working in just 7 days

Completely risk-free



$59 / bottle


It recommends a diet plan and daily exercise

It may take much time

Quality is not good

AppAway Complaints and customer reviews

The supplement has not received any complaints or negative feedback from the users so far. The customer reviews also support the formula for being effective in weight loss. 

AppAway Pricing & Where to get it?

AppAway can be purchased only from the official seller website. There are three price package options for the customers to choose from:

  • Basic package of 1 month supply at $49
  • Plus pack of 3 month supply at $39/bottle
  • Best value pack of 6 month supply at $29/bottle

The 6-month package comes with a free bonus worth $97. As a free bonus, you will get the best-selling guide by the author- Time Factor Fat Loss. 

AppAway Money-back guarantee:

All the packages are covered with a 100% money-back assurance for 180 days. If you find it not up to your expectations, you can contact the customer support team to get a full refund within 180 days of purchase.

The money-back-guarantee is completely risk-free and you don’t have to return the unused portion of the supplement. 

Final Verdict

There are some people who fail to lose weight even after trying out all the weight loss solutions available in the market.

While most experts and people curse carbohydrates for unexplained weight gain, studies by the AppAway creator prove it the other way. According to him and proven studies, it is NPY levels that result in exaggerated weight gain. The NPY level causes increased feeding and decreased energy. 

AppAway supplement is the encapsulated form of HC-Peptide or slimming sugar, which works against unhealthy NPY levels. It is said to lower the NPY levels, thereby allowing efficient weight loss.

In this AppAway Review, it is clear that the supplement seems to be clinically proven and effective, the results can be subjective to different individuals. It is up to you to decide whether to go for the supplement or not. However, with a 100% money-back guarantee, trying the supplement seems to be risk-free! 

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AppAway is an all-natural, clinically proven weight-loss dietary supplement that addresses one of the root causes of unexplained weight gain.

According to the creator, a chemical in the brain called Neuropeptide Y is the one that triggers unwanted carb cravings and binge eating. It results in weight gain through increased feeding and decreased energy expenditure.

The main thing that makes AppAway unique is that it is formulated using only one ingredient- that is, HC-Peptide. 

HC-peptide helps control the hunger hormone production and kills unwanted food cravings. This helps users eat in moderation and stay energetic throughout the day. 

You can contact them at their email [email protected] or on the phone number given on the official website. 

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