Are You Planning To Have Oral Surgery? Anxiety Tips From An Expert

Teresa Breaux | Last Updated : September 7, 2022

Are you anxious about your oral surgery? Are you someone who is inquisitively looking for the applicable ways that make you feel better for your planned oral surgery? Then you have anchored on the right spot. Continue reading!

The anxiety related to oral surgery is not an uncommon thing. The fear you bear in yourself will surely make you nervous. Oral surgery anxiety is very common. There is nothing to get scared of about the oral surgery you are about to experience. The majority of the individuals are very much worried even visiting an oral surgeon or a dentist. This is mainly due to the procedures you think hard that you need to go through during the examination. 

Simple Pre-Surgery Tip To Help You Boost Your Confidence To Face The Procedures

Are you really tense about the upcoming oral surgery procedure? If so, here are certain ways that ease your nerves, mind, and body that in turn help in keeping you in a comfort zone.

Are You Planning To Have Oral Surgery? Anxiety Tips From An Expert

The below detailed simple pre-surgery tip undoubtedly helps you boost your confidence to face the procedures.

So, let’s get started!

  • Get a clear picture of your oral surgery procedure

If you are unaware or partially aware of your oral surgery procedures, then you are more likely to undergo a stressful oral surgery. So, the first step you need to put forward is to get the right answers for all the queries you have in your mind. Unanswered questions cause the building up of unwanted anxiety within you. Make sure you have a detailed discussion with your surgeon about the oral surgery you are about to undergo. This helps you to alleviate your concerns and calm your mind. 

  • Discuss your fears with the doctor

It’s always good to discuss your fears with your oral surgeon. Discussions make you lower the unwanted fears about the procedures. The doctor is the only person who can surely help you out in calming your worries. So, take an appointment with the doctor and take enough time to share your thoughts and fears that will help in boosting up your confidence level.

  • Know about anesthesia

When it comes to surgery, most patients are anxious about the pain they need to face during and after the procedure. Gaining knowledge about anesthesia and the related methods helps reduce the fear of pain and trauma. Knowing about the types of anesthesia and their effect on the body can provide you with a relaxed experience throughout the oral surgery procedures. 

  • Try practicing relaxation techniques

Knowing about relaxation techniques and practicing these techniques a few weeks before your upcoming procedure could help you lower your anxiety. You can try yoga, meditation, breathing workouts, and much more that can aid you to feel calmer. As these mind-relaxing techniques need consistent practice, don’t wait till the end to try them out these techniques. It is highly recommended to get on track even a month before the finalized date of your surgery. 

  • Find the right person to accompany you 

Find a strong support person who can help you keep less nervous on the day of your surgery. You can choose any of the friends you trust or can opt for a family member who you think can accompany you from the appointment day until the day of your discharge from the hospital. 

  •  Listen to your favorite track 

Listening to your favorite music can do wonders. It can help you stay relaxed and make you less nervous. Depending upon the treatment stage, you can even continue listing to your favorite track during the procedure time. 

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The above discussed are the best possible ways or tricks that you can try to keep your anxiety at bay about oral surgery and its related procedures. If you are someone who is facing this situation or know someone who is in this situation, give these tips a try that help you get through the procedures with less fear and more confidence. 


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