COVID-19 Vaccinations: Arlington Starts Second Dose Administration On Monday

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : January 25, 2021

Esports Stadium and Expo Center in Arlington are all set to distribute the second doses of the COVID-19 vaccines to the residents -who already received their initial doses between 29-31 of December, on Monday. 

According to the city officials, through texts and emails, the people received the notifications to schedule to give them their final shots. 

COVID-19 Vaccinations: Arlington Starts Second Dose Administration On Monday

Residents of Arlington are in the hope that they will feel safer and at ease after they get their second dose. 

A report came in last week that said that the city had received 8,000 additional doses of the Moderna vaccine. The hub had been shut down as there was no sufficient number of vaccine doses available for administration. However, after a shipment came in, the hub was reopened on Thursday. 

Arlington Starts Second Dose Administration On Monday

On Wednesday, the city confirmed that it had sufficient numbers of vaccine doses to distribute., according to the Arlington Fire Chief Don Crowson.

The city planned to administer initial doses on Thursday and Friday, 2500 doses on each day. On Monday, the rest of the 3000 doses will be administered among those who already received their initial shots.

The County Judge of Tarrant, Glen Whitley said that the officials are expecting to administer between 45,000 to 50,000 doses this week to both those who received their initial doses and those who didn’t.

The Fire Department of the state will proceed to distribute the second dose of the vaccine in the coming days. 

A news release of the city said that the department will contact those who received their first shots of the vaccine from the first week of January at the Arlington site.

Here they will be provided with information regarding timings to report at the Esports Stadium and Expo Center of the city.

Based on the vaccine allotments provided by the state, the Fire Department will schedule the dates for second dose vaccinations. 

The city officials said in a statement that to verify that the residents are met with the requirements to be eligible, they still have to register online through the Tarrant County Public Health website. 

Those who are not prioritized in the administration of vaccine doses are also required to start their registration process online.

Registering will let them be in line when the vaccination process becomes more active in the coming few months. 

Over several weeks passed, around 1,500,000 doses have been administered in Texas. Every day, the state could administer an average of 71,000 shots.

The authority was in preparations to arrange enough hubs throughout the state. As the state would be ready with the hubs, it will be possible to have thousands of immunizations per day.

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