You Will Be Arrested For Not Wearing A Mask In Texas

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : March 16, 2021

A day after Gov. Greg Abbott issues orders rolling back some of the state’s Covid-19 guidelines and restrictions such as the mask mandate, a woman was arrested in a bank for not wearing a mask. Private businesses, however, are still allowed to require masks at their discretion.

You Will Be Arrested For Not Wearing A Mask In Texas

The video footage from the bank showed a police officer entering the Bank of America, Galveston branch to wear a mask. The police officer went on to explain that the bank may refuse to serve her for not wearing a mask. The woman adamantly refused and she was informed that she will be arrested for intruding into the bank. The woman insisted that she did not have to wear a mask and that’s when she was handcuffed and arrested.

Woman handcuffed, pinned on floor by police for not wearing mask in Texas

The 65-year-old Terry White got into the bank without a mask and was offered one to which she declined. When she refused to wear a mask she was asked to leave to which she replied that she didn’t have to.

And went on to tell the bank employee that she just wants to close her account and leave. She was informed that the police would be called and she told them to do what they had to do but she wasn’t wearing a mask.

Despite the Governor lifting the mask directive, small businesses can still enforce mask-wearing options if they want to. The police told the lady that if she wanted to use the bank facilities then she will have to abide by their rules. If they had requested her to leave then she had to do exactly that.

A local business has the right to refuse to serve you when you’re not wearing a mask. This is because it’s their choice; the officer is heard informing the lady who was resisting arrest claiming she was in a public place and that her human rights were being infringed on.

The police officer told the lady that despite being public the bank was a private business and they could enforce their rules. The lady struggled and resisted arrest while screaming on the floor that the police had broken her leg the officer called for emergency medical services as she was put inside the waiting patrol car. She said that she traveled to Galveston in her recreational car well aware of the lift orders by the governor and was adamant to wear a mask. Referring to the mask as a diaper.

The governor’s order of lifting the mask mandate has brought to life the debate over face coverings in the state. A lawsuit was filed against Austin city by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton this week. This is after they tried to maintain local mask requirements even after the governor had relaxed the guidelines and orders. A judge denied the request tabled by the state requesting a temporary restraining order against the local mandate. The judge pushed to march 26 as the day for the injunction hearing.

The mayor of Galveston, Brown said most of the businesses on the island were still enforcing the mask guidelines. They are requesting most of their clients and customers wear a mask for maximum security from the virus. The bank refused to serve the lady for not wearing the mask as that was their policy.

The mayor went on to say that it was still a delicate balance to reopen and that’s why they were still advising that people keep social distance and wear their masks. Americans should not let their guard down.

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