‘The Beach’ Thailand Bay Is Finally Reopening The Popular Tourist Site

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : November 17, 2021

Thai authorities have confirmed the reopening date of one of the country’s most popular tourist sites. According to Thailand’s Department of National Parks, Thailand’s most renowned cove, Maya Bay, will return to visitors on January 1, 2022, making it one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations.

Maya Bay’s original shutdown was unrelated to the epidemic, unlike the numerous other sites that have reopened in subsequent months. A rejuvenation campaign has been underway since June 2018 in an effort to save the area’s depleted corals, which have become a famous tourist attraction.

'The Beach' Thailand Bay Is Finally Reopening The Popular Tourist Site

Tourists descended in droves on these locations. This is how things are going right now. Phi PhiLeh, one of the two major Phi Phi islands in Krabi province, is home to Maya Bay, a popular tourist destination. To put it another way, despite the fact that Maya Bay had been closed, Phi PhiLeh was only available to day-trippers prior to its closure. But in the past two decades, it has become one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations, due in large part to the worldwide popularity of “The Beach,” which was shot there.

Visitor numbers increased exponentially as boats arrived and left the bay three weeks before its closure during a media tour. Many tourists to the region came from Phuket, which is less than an hour’s speedboat ride away. It is expected that the bay attracted an average of 5,000 visitors per day in 2018. Tourists from all over the globe have been flocking to Maya Bay. As a result, (the natural area) has deteriorated, particularly with regard to corals. As of this writing, Maya Bay has returned to a healthy state after it was shut down to repair and revitalize it.

The reopening has various conditions attached. Due to the closure of the bay, boats will be unable to enter. A dock at the rear of the island, away from the famous cove, will instead be used to drop off tourists. Only eight speedboats will be able to dock at a time, and the number of visitors will be limited to 300 every round from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily, with visits limited to one hour each.

The Maya Bay border line imposed by the Thai National Park, Wildlife, and Plant Conservation Department may be seen in this photo shot on October 4, 2019. The beach is closed to the general public. For the January 1 reopening, Varawut said that government officials are now completing the new piers and establishing designated water activity zones.

A few months after that, authorities announced that Maya Bay would be closed for the whole year. Due to delays in replanting coral and expanding the island’s tourist amenities, however, the closure was prolonged for a further two years. Boats are now permitted to enter the bay’s outer boundaries. However, visitors to Maya Bay may still get a glimpse of the beach from their boat. Snorkeling at the bay’s front is still allowed in defined zones.

A new quarantine policy was implemented in Thailand on November 1 for tourists who have spent at least 21 days in one of the 63 “low risk” countries and territories that have been certified by the Thai government. After arriving at a Covid-19-approved hotel, travelers who match the amended conditions need only spend one night there while waiting for their tests’ results. After arriving in the country, visitors who haven’t had a complete vaccination with an authorized vaccine are required to stay in a government-licensed hotel for 10 days.

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