Belgian Woman Infected With Two Strains

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : July 14, 2021

As this phenomenon needs further research, much-needed research, experts put on the case study of a 90-year old woman from Belgium, who simultaneously was infected with both the covid strains, the Alpha and the Beta strains, known to be completely different, of Covid-19. This has been said, yet there are portions of the world around the world who are unvaccinated, which is concerning as this woman was seen unvaccinated. 

Belgian Woman Infected With Two Strains

Experts say that it is possible to be infected by two covid-19 strains at the same time, especially after the case of the 90-year old woman who passed away in a hospital in Belgium in March. It is believed to be the first case known of double infection in one individual, which is the case study presented by experts at the European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Disease.

Belgian Woman Infected With Two Strains

The woman’s medical history was known to be unremarkable other than March when she was admitted to the hospital and was tested positive for Covid-19. She was seen experiencing worsening respiratory symptoms after her test results tested positive and were seen dead five days later. 

It is yet known to be strange how and when a woman living alone at her home and who received nursing care at home got infected. Although she was not vaccinated against the Coronavirus. 

Studies show that the highly immune vaccine that is in use in the U.S and Europe, such as BioNTech, Moderna, Pfizer, and AstraZeneca vaccine shots, are indeed effective against the Covid-19 variants that have been emerging lately and has been successful in preventing most deaths and hospitalizations. 

It was said that both the variants were spreading rapidly in Belgium during the month this 90-year-old lady was seen infected; this woman was most likely infected by two different people, as per Dr. Anne Vankeerberghen, who is the lead author of the case report.

She also added that up till now, there had been no cases as such that the health care centers and hospitals have witnessed; hence many factors make it difficult to say much. Yet again, she was not vaccinated, and this says that the vaccine might have helped her body’s immunity in at least some way. 

In Brazil, there were two cases identified where two people were infected simultaneously by two strains of coronavirus. As this global pandemic has progressed, various kinds of variants are also known to be highly transmissible and contagious compared to the original strain of covid-19. 

The two strains Alpha and Beta strains are rapidly spreading and have been reported in 173 countries. Delta being the strongest strain of the lot, reported in 104 countries, is highly contagious, and the Beta variant has been reported in 122 countries. The Delta strain could have different symptoms, and be cautious is the best action to be taken as per all higher authorities and medical institutions. 

The Delta variant was first detected in India, causing quite a few cases of hospitalizations, but ever since the vaccination rates have been high, and so has it been in other countries as the variant was then found in the United States of America and the United Kingdom and Israel as well. It sure did take the few countries aback, but new guidance, rules, and regulations have been proposed lately to change the way we work towards a global pandemic. The G20 panel is currently discussing the factors on how a global pandemic should be prepared for as we have a stronger strain to face shortly.

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