Biden, Makes The Economic Case For Gun Control

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : October 9, 2021

When it comes to the nation’s battle against COVID-19, President Joe Biden is using his weapon of the last choice, championing vaccination mandates throughout the country in an attempt to compel the approximately 67 million unvaccinated Adults in the u.s. to roll up their collective and get their hands dirty. It’s a strategy he never wanted to use and had previously ruled out before taking office.

Still, he believes he has been forced into it by a stubborn segment of the public who has refused to get lifesaving shots, endangering the lives of others, jeopardizing the country’s economic recovery in the process.

Biden, Makes The Economic Case For Gun Control

And over 100 Million people will be subject to immunization requirements ordered by Vice President Biden in the coming weeks.

His government is trying to encourage companies to take additional voluntary steps that would force people to get vaccines or subject them to burdensome testing requirements as a result of the order.

Biden, Makes The Economic Case For Gun Control

Trying to force people to do something they don’t get to do is a losing political tactic almost every time it is tried. However, with the vast majority of the population already vaccinated, Biden has surfaced as an unexpected proponent of coercive vaccination methods to increase vaccination rates with the support of the pharmaceutical business. The vice president will deliver that message on Thursday in Chicago when he will attend a suburban construction operated by Clayco. This major construction company is about to unveil a new vaccinate-or-test mandate for its workers. Employers with more than 100 workers will be required to demand that their employees get vaccinated or submit to weekly coronavirus testing under a new regulation issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Government sources said Biden would push other companies to follow suit by taking steps ahead of the OSHA regulation and even going farther by mandating vaccinations for their workers without providing them with a test-out alternative. Biden is also scheduled to meet with Scott Kirby, the Chairman of United Airlines. The latter has actually achieved a vaccine requirement at his business without offering employees the choice to be tested in lieu of vaccination. Only a small percentage of employees have failed to comply, putting their jobs in danger. On the other hand, Biden’s requirements have “worked phenomenally well,” according to Lawrence Gostin, a health care specialist at Georgetown University Law Center. His remarks were followed by a statement stating that the president’s regulations had had a “modeling impact” on cities, states, and companies. That’s exactly what the American Government wanted to happen.

By April, as the nation’s stock of vaccines started to outstrip demand, authorities in the United States began to anticipate a need for a more aggressive immunization campaign. However, given the current political climate, taking quick measures to mandate injections would have most certainly been unhelpful. Critical voices have raised their voices against forced vaccination, claiming that it is an example of government excess and that it strips individuals of their ability to make their personal medical choices.

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