Biden Plans To Bring A 100-day Deportation Moratorium

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : January 21, 2021

On its very first day, the new administration under Biden announces a 100-day moratorium on deportations. The proclamation that came on Wednesday night will halt the measures ordered by the previous president Donald Trump on removing certain migrants.

The announcement from the Department of Homeland Security said that it was to ensure the country has a fair and effective immigration enforcement system, and the deportations will be paused for 100 days from Friday onwards.

Biden Plans To Bring A 100-day Deportation Moratorium

The acting secretary of DHS, David Pekoske said in a statement that the pause would let the department review and revamp the policies of enforcement.

He also said that the pause will be helpful for DHS as it can ensure the resources are used to confront the topmost challenges of the country like immediate operational challenges at the southwest border amidst the most serious health crisis of the century. 

Biden Plans To Bring A 100-day Deportation Moratorium

In his statement, he also noted that only certain noncitizens are to receive the moratorium. The DHS didn’t give any clarification on the terms, though it was requested. 

The resources are limited to the immigration enforcement agencies. It is the typical responsibility of the president to explore and find out the t for deportation, which classes of immigrants should be chosen first. 

When Barack Obama was in power, he considered people who posed a threat to the security of the country, immigrants who are charged with serious crimes, and recent border crossers. 

However, eventually, when Trump came into power, he essentially eliminated all such priorities. The latest decision made by Biden would give him a chance to reevaluate where the resources are to be given. 

Presently, the head of U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement also has the right to interrupt in an individual case to order their deportation.

On Wednesday, a memo came from the Acting DHS Secretary David Pekoske. The memo said that the moratorium applies to every noncitizen who received orders to deport from any immigration judge. In case they do not arrive after the 1st of November or if they voluntarily ignored their right to stay in the country with full knowledge of the aftermaths and the great chance to achieve legal representation. 

During Biden’s campaign held last year also, he committed to the halt of any deportations of people who are already present in the U.S.

The ban on Muslim travelers was also removed by the president already on the same day. By which, he rescinded one of the significant actions brought in by the administration of Donald Trump.

A comprehensive immigration reform package was also brought in by the president, intending to offer permanent residency to migrant farmworkers along with offers of citizenship to more than 11 million people with no documents to prove their identity. This made him win the hearts of activists and evangelical Christian leaders.

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