Biden Praises School District Superintendents After Mask Requirements Mandate By Florida And Arizona

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : August 17, 2021

President Joe Biden has lauded school district superintendents for sticking with the right thing of mask mandate even after Republican governors stood against mask mandate. The Democratic president had a brief talk with Chad Geston, who is the District Superintendent of Phoenix High school in Arizona. Democratic President was also in talks with Broward Superintendent Vickie Cartwright. He has thanked them openly for their continuous commitment to getting the students back to school for in-person full-time learning.

Biden Praises School District Superintendents After Mask Requirements Mandate

The president has appreciated the leadership and courage for performing the right thing for working for the health and safety of their staff and students. This open praise from Biden has come in support to the local districts which were under confusion regarding mask mandates. Also in Texas, various school districts with state’s county have won legally against Republican Gov. Greg Abot’s mask mandate ban. Republican Gov. Greg Abot had argued that masks were contributing to worsening the COVID-19 situation. It was seen that similar lawsuits were filed by school districts.

Biden Praises School District Superintendents After Mask Requirements Mandate

There were clashes about mask mandates frequently. In the Suburban of Chicago officials in high school sent a freshman student home as he refused to wear a mask. Her mother Sheri Urlacher believes this was a violation of her 14-year-old daughter’s rights. The daughter of Sheri Urlacher says that in Feed High school of Palatine the school gave her a mask and was insisting that she put on the mask. Her daughter had reportedly declined to wear the mask in a polite manner to wear the mask over her nose and mouth. Even though the girl went back to school the next day her mother Sheri Urlacher was concerned about the school’s decision to send her daughter back home.

Sheri Urlacher said her daughter was well aware that she had the right to make decisions about her body. The government had no right to force her into doing something she didn’t want to. Earlier to this Governor of Illinois J.B Pritzker had ordered face masks for all school kids from preschool to standard 12th. This was ordered owing to the delta variant surge in recent weeks.

Biden had called the leader of Broward County schools in Florida over Partisan’s battle with De Santis, Republican governor. There has been a going battle on how the schools have to perform regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Biden administration has also ensured Broward federal money if the governor of Florida threatens on withholding state funds. De Santis had previously barred schools from imposing mask mandates. Governor De Santis said he believed masks are not a necessity for children like adults. They are less prone to infection and it certainly interferes with learning. To wear the mask or not, this decision should be left to the parents of kids. If the imposition of mask mandates is against parents will this would turn into school kids moving to private schools.

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Amidst this Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has signed a law budget legislation which is led by the Republican legislature. This legislature inclines towards prohibiting mask requirements. This legislation in Arizona is soon to come into effect by September 29th. Also, Arizona reported more than three thousand additional COVID cases the very next day.

Phoenix Union is one of the largest unions that consists of 28,000 students and almost 4,000 employees. The governing board has decided to impose masks indoors too. Around six elementary schools have accepted this. De Santis is supposed to run for re-election next year and is also in consideration of running against Biden in 2024.

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