Biden Will Have To Prove Himself By Tackling The Healthcare First

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : November 9, 2020

The election of the United States of America has finally been put to rest. Therefore, in such situations, what matters the most is to ensure that the election now being over, it is high time to focus on the other considerations which this world has provided us with. The election being finally won by Joe Bidden after defeating the former president Donald Trump, it becomes imperative to understand the difference in the working pattern of two different personalities.

Biden Will Have To Prove Himself By Tackling The Healthcare First.

The two have has different approach in handing the growth of the virus. Also they have a different perspective towards the suffering of the people. Therefore, in such cases, it is also essential to compare the working patterns of the different groups of the population so far.

Thus, in such situations, what matters the most is to ensure that the people of the United States of America have already been assured of the fact that the outbreak of the virus could not be controlled effectively by the Trump government so far. It was because of the late decisions of imposing lockdown being undertaken that the country of the United States of America had to lose at least 20,00,000 lives of its citizens. Therefore, this was indeed a sad state of affairs.

Thus, in such situations, what becomes essential is to determine the fact that how will the newly elected president, Joe Bidden, be attempting to tackle the problem of the coronavirus spread. This is one of the essential considerations which the people of America are keeping into accord before analyzing their decision in any form and manner. 

What matters the most is that how the newly elected president is likely to have new ways and methods in which it would be in the position to tackle the spread of the novel coronavirus. It has been declared as apart of his election manifesto that the entire state of public health will be undergoing a complete overhaul for ensuring the fact that the treatment of the novel coronavirus is carried in the best possible manner.

In such situations the newly elected president is providing the chances to develop the new models which will be playing an essential role in providing for the consumers in the best possible manner. Therefore, the Biden administration will also ensure a proper conveyance of the scientific parameters which now onwards had to be taken into accord by the people of the United States of America in the best possible manner.

This president is also expected to get engaged in the process of role modelling and at the same time, ensure that collaboration with the industries is increased to the maximum possible extent. An attempt must also be made to provide for increased guidelines and the importance of these guidelines being followed.  Everyone has high hopes from Biden and his team. People are looking forward to a medicine so that they can get back to their normal lives. All eyes are set on the new President and his ways of tackling the spread of COVD 19. USA is suffering everyday and the growing cases are becoming a major cause of concern.

Furthermore, it also very noteworthy to mention that the newly elected president has assured the people of the United States of America that he would be more inclined towards healthcare than any other department for the present world. This is the need of the hour, and he knows how well to arrange for the priorities of his needs in the best possible manner, there have been rigorous funding being donated to the scientists for enhancing the level offending to finance the vaccine for the novel coronavirus.

Now people aim to save the workforce of the country and prevent people from dying further. Also, there have been assurances by the former president Barack Obama that this person would be in the position to cater to the needs of the general public in the best possible manner and hence, he also provided for the fact that he might prove to be a better president. Now it is finally the testing time for Biden where he has to prove what all he said in the campaigns and won the trust of many.

Nikki Attkisson

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