Biden’s First Call With Xi: Hopes Of A Better U.S-China Relationship

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : February 11, 2021

After being elected as President, Joe Biden went into his first phone call with Chinese President Xi-Jinping to discuss reshaping the U.S-China relationship for future endeavours. 

Biden shared this news on Twitter stating that he offered well-wishes to the President as well as the people of China on Lunar New Year and also expressed his concern regarding Beijing’s human rights abuses, economic practices, and coercion of Taiwan. He also added that he would be working with China for the benefit of the American citizens. 

Biden’s First Call With Xi: Hopes Of A Better U.S-China Relationship

White House officials stated that during the call, Biden had addressed various topics ranging from covid crisis to armed forces and that he was focused on achieving effective engagements for the United States and its allies. 

Biden’s First Call With Xi: Hopes Of A Better U.S-China Relationship

His administration members stated that the U.S President will not be moving forward with Trump’s trade strategy and that new changes would be implemented soon after an internal review and discussions with the European and Asian allies. 

The phone call with China came right after Biden’s engagements with his Asian allies. Although Biden is said to have known Xi-Jinping for 8 years during his Vice Presidential days in the Obama government, the Asian allies are now eager for the U.S to work for better regional co-operation with the Chinese government at its side. 

Senior White House administration officials remarked that Trump’s presidency was very advantageous to China in various ways such as destabilization of the U.S political and economic system, deterioration of the long term alliances, the effects of ‘America First’ isolationism, and the inability to regulate foreign policy on traditional democratic values. 

Within Biden’s first week as the President, he has undertaken various measures to revive America’s relationship with its alliances and implementing a value-based foreign policy.

He has also called for actions to reassert a dual carrier presence in the South China sea. The Pentagon is looking for a broader review of the U.S-China strategy. 

White House officials also stated that the Biden administration has reached out to the congressional Republicans to discuss an infrastructure package that includes investments in the U.S economic sector which are vital for the country to maintain its competition with China. 

Both nations are in a constant battle regarding telecommunication and technology which will be determining the ultimate global leader. 

Biden is now challenged with not only creating a positive relationship with China due to his predecessor’s insulting statement on covid-19 as ‘China virus’ but also improving America’s ties with China much better than his days during the Obama government

He also said to Xi-Jinping during his phone call that there is no need for any conflicts between the two nations but there would be extreme competition. 

Biden’s team has also expressed the need for the country’s cooperation with China on issues such as environmental conservation as well as various other mutual interests. 

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