Big Bird Gets Vaccinated; Los Angeles To Require Vaccination Proof

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : November 11, 2021

Big Bird of Sesame Street made public his COVID-19 vaccination status on Twitter, drawing fire from conservatives like Ted Cruz who are reluctant about vaccines, calling it propaganda of the federal government.

Big Bird Gets Vaccinated; Los Angeles To Require Vaccination Proof

Appearing in the town hall of CNN with journalist Erica Hill, Big Bird’s grandmother Granny Bird disclosed that he will be getting the vaccine. He is usually identified as a 6-year-old. He became eligible to receive the vaccine as the FDA authorized covid 19 vaccines for children.

That night he tweeted that he got vaccinated. He said jokingly that his wing feels sore, but he is protected against the virus. Michael Cernovich, a conservative social media figure, replied to his tweet and asked him what the treatment for myocarditis is. Myocarditis is a rare side effect of the coronavirus vaccine which causes heart inflammation. To this, Lisa Boothe, a host of Fox News shot back that it was smooth of him to brainwash kids who aren’t at risk of coronavirus.

Big Bird Gets Vaccinated; Los Angeles To require vaccination Proof

Cruz replied, saying that it was government propaganda. The U.S. Office of Government Ethics former director Walter Schaub pointed out to Cruz that he himself was vaccinated.

Many people actively supported the decision of Big Bird about getting vaccinated. Indiana’s emergency room physician, Dr. Tom Nelson thanked him for getting vaccinated.

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection and Airlines expect that traveling will increase from Monday as the country is all set to open its borders for visitors from a dozen of foreign countries. These new rules will be introduced nearly two years after the country-imposed travel bans and restrictions to curb the COVID-19 pandemic.

The requirements for these travelers are listed out. Travelers will need to carry a negative COVID-19 test, proof of COVID-19 vaccination, bottlenecks and attestation forms.

At a conference of the U.S. Travel Association, Ed Bastian, the CEO of Delta said that he accepts it will be a bit sloppy at the beginning.

Beginning Monday, People were required to carry proof of vaccination with them before entering businesses in Los Angeles like gyms, indoor restaurants, malls, movie theaters, and salons. In addition to this, people will need to carry photo identification and a vaccination card provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. They can carry a hard copy, or its digital file scanned in their mobile phones.

People who want to claim exemption because of medical or religious reasons need to carry proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours.

On Saturday, a court temporarily put a hold on vaccine requirements imposed by President Joe Biden on businesses with more than a hundred workers. The Attorney General of Louisiana said that this decision will stop Biden from forwarding with his unlawful action.

In a statement, Landry said that Joe Biden wouldn’t be imposing any medical procedures on the people of America without checks and balances given by the Constitution.

The administration is confident that the mandate, which consists of penalties of nearly $14,000 on a violation, will resist challenges it faces legally.

On Saturday, Prevea Health declared that it would discontinue its partnership with Aaron Rodgers of Green Bay Packers. The announcement came after he publicly spread false claims and misleading information about coronavirus. Aaron tested coronavirus positive and as he was unvaccinated, he wouldn’t be able to come back to work for at least ten days.

According to the company’s statement, Aaron Rodgers has been Prevea Health’s partner for nine years and has been its spokesperson and supporter of initiatives of the organization throughout Wisconsin.

The statement said that the company remains committed to protecting its staff members against the virus and continues to encourage eligible people to get vaccinated.

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