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Are you in search of the trending BiT Watch reviews? Then continue reading. The BiT Watch lightweight claims to be the lightest fit bands and smartwatches currently available in the market. Smartwatches are a convenient gadget that has revolutionized people’s take on fitness.

It was quite a giant leap from the regular digital wristwatches with a maximum facility of including a calculator to having smartwatches that work just like smartphones.

BiT Watch Reviews–  Improve Fitness By Recording Biometric Data

Most smartwatches in the market currently provide a wide range of features like monitoring footsteps, count calories, keep track of blood pressure, give idle alerts, and so on.

While many mobiles and electronic gadget companies have their versions of smartwatches with impressive features, how does BiT watch stand out, etc., would focus on this BiT Watch review. The features it offers, the technology it uses, and purchase details would also be covered in the review.

BiT Watch reviews
Product NameBiT Watch
CategoryHealth and Fitness
Main BenefitsBoth analog and digital displays in a single dial.
Warranty3 years
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is it?

Fit bands and smartwatches are the most happening electronic gadgets right now. They have literally become a simplified, wearable version of a smartphone. Most smartwatches provide various facilities similar to smartphones, and fitness bands like BiT Watch focus majorly on fitness tracking.

The BiT Watch lightweight smartwatch is an electronic device that lets you easily keep track of your fitness goals and stay healthy effortlessly. It uses Bluetooth technology to connect with a mobile application.

As mentioned in BiT Watch review, The application uses the biometric data collected and displayed by the watch. Based on these data, the application gives you statistics and updates on how well one progresses towards their fitness goals.

The biometric data is collected through the sensor beneath the dial. The data collected mainly involves motion sensing to count footsteps, idle sitting time, heart rate, blood pressure, and calories burnt.

Instructions to use BiT Watch

The setup and use of the BiT Watch lightweight are user-friendly and straightforward. On receiving the product, it would need charging to its full capacity before using it.

The attachments required for charging the watch would be provided along with the product. After setting the product, it has to be assembled and turned on.

The time, date, and other information displayed in the digital section can be updated on pairing the device with its corresponding mobile application. The BiT Watch application is available on both Google Playstore and in AppStore.

On installing the application, it can be paired with the device using Bluetooth. The devices have to be made discoverable to pair them successfully. On pairing, the essential information such as date and time would be automatically updated.

The remaining biometric data can be set up to monitor the number of calories burnt daily and set fitness reminders. The more details one feeds in the application, the better accuracy the statistics would have in terms of your progress.

The watch can be changed regularly to maintain battery life. It is important to be careful not to drain the watch’s charge too often because it may require pairing each time.

The analog section of the BiT Watch can be set up manually like a regular watch would be set up. The additional buttons are for toggling the digital display of the smartwatch. 

BiT Watch Features

The attractive BiT Watch features include:

  • Both analog and digital displays in a single dial.
  • Accurate biometric information such as blood pressure, heart rate, steps walked, and calories burnt.
  • According to BiT Watch reviews, the watch is waterproof, and the strap is rubberized for durability.
  • The watch is rechargeable using a regular USB cable.
  • The watch is surprisingly lightweight, sleek, and stylish.

Besides these features, the watch comes with a 3-year warranty that lowers the risk of purchase.

BiT Watch features

Who needs BiT Watch? 

A smartwatch is a convenient gadget that changes one’s lifestyle quite subtly. It helps one be aware of how their daily habits can contribute to their fitness and realize how sedentary one’s lifestyle is.

Using the BiT Watch for convenient fitness tracking and body health monitoring encourages one to be more responsible and proactive about their health.

Therefore, owning a smartwatch or a fit-band such as a BiT Watch would benefit anyone. It is especially beneficial for those who are otherwise oblivious of their unhealthy lifestyle and lack of exercise.

The constant awareness of footsteps taken, calories burnt, and other fitness statistics act as a motivating factor for most people to reclaim back the hold over their fitness. 

For those who are already health-conscious and mindful of their lifestyle, BiT Watch contributes to their efforts by giving accurate biometric readings and statistics regarding fitness progress. It is also helpful for those who journal about their diet and fitness.

Benefits of using  BiT Watch

The main BiT Watch benefits that come with its purchase are:

  • It is affordable compared to many other brands and companies who design fitness-related smartwatches.
  • It adds to one’s style since the watch in itself is an attractive accessory with its deep black digital cum analog dial.
  • The watch is made of durable material meant to last, even if used continuously, every day. In fact, it is best to wear a smartwatch as frequently as possible to receive the most accurate biometric data.
  • The watch is user-friendly and easy to set up with no difficulty in navigation through modes or features.
  • The watch has both digital and analog features that are beneficial in situations where the watch runs out of charge. It is still functional as a stylish analog timepiece.
  • The watch is waterproof and rubber strapped, making it lightweight, durable, and convenient for rough use.
  • The rubber strap makes it an ideal option for wearing even during exercise or workouts. 
BiT Watch lightweight

Is a BiT Watch worth having?

The BiT Watch lightweight gadget is similar to most fitness bands and smartwatches in the market released by leading brands. But in comparison with their rates, the BiT Watch is quite affordable and stylish.

According to BiT Watch reviews, the dual-display system is also quite an attractive feature unique to the BiT Watch. The strap and overall material design of the watch are also ergonomically intelligent considering the requirements of fitness wear.

Therefore, the BiT Watch is a smart option for a smart fitness watch compared to products that cost a fortune without paying up to the expectations. 

There is also a three-year warranty available for the product. Therefore, any defect or repair would be covered without any additional expenses.

How much does this cost?

The BiT Watch is available at several purchase rates. The official sales site provides combo purchase offers since it is an ideal gift option for close friends and family. The cost of a single Bit Watch is $99. This discounted rate is available only for a limited period. 

The site also provides the product at a 67% discount if one purchases two watches for the price of $197. In this combo offer, the buyer also receives an additional 3rd piece for free.

The third purchase offer comes with a 70% discount. The combo offer provides five pieces wherein two are given for free, and the buyer only has to pay for three pieces. The cost of this purchase is $297.

The discounts provided for the products are only available for a limited period on the official sales site.

BiT Watch for covenient

How can you get hands on it?

The BiT Watch is available on several online sales platforms. But several scams are going by similar names and features as well. So the most reliable platform for purchasing the product is the official sales site.

The site also provides a 3-year warranty for the watch that can be availed in the case of any malfunction or damage to the product.


The BiT Watch is a fitness-based smartwatch that provides accurate biometric data and other related facilities on pairing with a mobile application.

In comparison with similar other products, the BiT Watch provides all the latest features such as calorie count, footstep count, heart rate monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, and idle sitting hours.

In addition to storing and analyzing these data in the mobile application, other features like setting alerts are also available. The watch is easy to use and charge. The design is also sleek and stylish to wear on a regular basis.

By analyzing BiT Watch review, the dial has both digital and analog clock features, which is a unique and intelligent style. The strap is also made of rubber that is water-resistant, durable, and scratch-resistant.

This also makes the watch safe to wear during the workout since the sweat would not affect the material. The overall appearance of the product is also very sleek, lightweight, and formal.

The watch is available for purchase at discounted rates for a limited period. They also provide combo offers where upto five pieces can be purchased at the rate of 3.

In addition to this, the website also offers a 3-year warranty for the product. Therefore one does not have to worry about repair works and its expenses.

The BiT Watch is, on the whole, a reasonable option for anyone looking for a decently priced, ergonomically designed, and efficient fit band or smartwatch for themselves or as a gifting option. 

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