Booster Shots To Be Taken Now For Winning Efficacy

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : November 27, 2021

 The covid virus has rampaged and affected people all over the world. With the vaccines out there for people, the hospitalization rates and death rates have decreased significantly. However, in a recent study, it has been found that the efficacy of the vaccine made by Pfizer is winning off. The effectiveness is said to decrease after a period of 6 months after taking the 2nd dosage of the vaccine.

Booster Shots To Be Taken Now For Winning Efficacy

Pfizer suggested that taking the booster shot after this time period will preserve the efficacy and boost the immunity in a person. This was proven after taking the data from Israel were in 80,000 people appeared for the test and it was observed that the efficacy decreases over time.

Booster Shots To Be Taken Now For Winning Efficacy

Among the people who came in for these tests, there were no underlying issues for the people. 

From the said 80,000 people almost 20% of the people contacted coronavirus in the 6 month period. This set a base for introducing the booster shots for increasing the immunity in a person. Israel is one of the countries which started the vaccination first in December 2020, and it was observed in June 2021 that the efficacy of the vaccine is decreasing in adults.

The same was observed in the US as well. It was first observed in people over the age of 65 who were in the vaccine were losing their effectiveness. However, in recent times FDA has allowed booster shots first for people over the age of 65 to get the booster shots. In the US booster shots are also being taken by people over the age of 18 as well. 

The other thing that has been troubling parents is to know if their teen kids would need the booster shots or not. However, researchers have stated that it is better that teens do not take booster shots because there has been no evidence that the efficacy of vaccines is decreasing in teens. 

Pfizer has stated that the booster shot will be more than enough for everyone to maintain immunity. For people having some underlying conditions then they should take booster shots as and when the immunity is being lowered. However, patients should first consult with their doctors or health care professionals before taking the booster shots again and again. 

Pfizer has stated that their booster shots can be taken by people who had taken Moderna`s 2nd dose or for people who had taken Johnson & Johnson`s first dose as well. Researchers and doctors also stated that it is safe to mix the vaccines and there is no harm in this. 

Israel had approved booster shots in the mid of this year and they said that they are not seeing any lowering of the efficacy of the vaccine. This has provided relief to all health care systems and that they can now focus on patients with other diseases as well. 

Pfizer has also confirmed that the booster shots would be the last shot that a normal adult would need. However, if the virus mutates and the vaccine is not effective against it then there might be a need for new to it.

Pfizer has also stated that they have scaled up the production of the vaccines with kids vaccination and booster shots being used by the majority of the people. Kids vaccination is being done in all parts of the US and the Biden administration has stated that they are seeing more speedy vaccination in kids drive as compared to adult vaccination.

Pfizer commented that they can keep up with the demand in the market and will also help out in the global vaccination drive as well.

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