Brad Parscale Steps Down From The Post Of The Senior Advisor

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : October 2, 2020

On Wednesday, two sources close to the CNN campaign reported Brad Parscale’s position as senior advisor to the presidential election of Donald Trump. He had been arrested by police three days earlier and hospitalized by suicidal menacing him while carrying a gun.

Brad Parscale steps down from the post of the senior advisor

Parscale was just like a family member in Trump’s team and was appointed as the President himself’s senior campaign manager. But after the failure of the rally in Tulsa, he was detained from his post. This made Parscale depressed, and he left the office. The officials and his colleagues also said that he left the WhatsApp group they all shared and was also not seen in the office for many days.

One of the officials said that Brad received the letter that stated that he was detained one day, and he just cleared his desk with teary eyes and took all his belongings. From that day, he was not seen in the office. A few days back, when the RAW team took him because of the suicide attempt, he had a breakdown and told them the entire thing. He felt like a loser and wanted to end his life, not to prove to be a loser in front of his family. Also, there were false allegations against him for domestic violence, which his wife said were wrong. She informed that Brad is a gentleman and takes care of his family in the best way possible.

The guy who oversees Donald Trump’s campaigns were hospitalized. Brad Parscale was his name, and he attempted to hurt himself. The police entered his location after receiving a call claiming that an army man was about to kill himself. The police arrived at his house, and his wife told them that he had registered weapons and was planning to injure himself. The officers have said that Parsacle himself was the only one they noticed in the property. The officers told him that there was no damage and no injury. The incident was under control, and he was not killed. Parscale was taken to the hospital and was examined in compliance with the Baker Act. The police officers later told Brad’s wife that they received a call. She warned them he might injure himself, and in her house were several weapons, which were where SWAT took action.

I’m quitting my job, and any involvement in my primary campaign to concentrate on my family and deal with the unbearable tension, said Parscale in a statement received from Politico. He said that he wants to enjoy life at peace now. He has been involved in his job a lot, and due to which, his family got ignored. Now all he wants is to keep some time for his family and enjoy it with them. He said he wants to enjoy a simple life and wants that he should be taken care off. He wants to cuddle with his wife and take care of his kids. His wife, Candice Parscale, also issued a Wednesday statement alleging that her husband was sexually misusing her following her police statements days earlier. According to a police investigation, Parscale was responsible for multiple blisters on her body.

Sunday’s comments had been misinterpreted, let it be clear that my husband hadn’t actively been against me that day or the day before. On the scene, a police officer wrote in a paper that she declared Brad Parscale strikes her after Candice Parscale’s inquiry about her body bruises. Another police officer has pointed this incident out in a police report, which claimed that “With Candice I, when speaking, she found multiple bruises on both arms (photographs were taken and submitted into evidence). For a revised response to Candice Parscale’s latest comment, CNN contacted Fort Lauderdale Police. This summer, after the rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Parskale was diminished by his role. While he remained a senior campaign official, he was barely seen inside his headquarters after being reduced.

Once commended as a digital guru by the President and the allies who contributed to securing Trump’s first political initiative, Parscale spent years in the family Trump before Trump began a presidential race and assumed the lead role of the data processing team during the campaign in June 2016. He spoke of this goodwill to his position in the campaign. He also said that everyone loved him, and he was fond of his job. He loved to be a part of Trump’s team but did not get the importance he deserved. Also, he said that these are challenging times going on, and he wanted to stay in the job, but now, after all, this has happened. He does not want to go back and face all this again. In February 2018, Parscale formally took the job, but — as electoral hearings got closer and campaign demands came up along with Covid-19’s curve-ball — his lack of political expertise became abundantly evident.

It was just a matter of time, and a senior camp advisor told CNN before Parscale was pushed away from his position as campaign manager. His inexperience undermined the campaign. Brad Parscale is a part of our party, and we all support him, said Tim Murtaugh, Communications Chief of the Trump campaign, in a statement following his hospitalization. The officials have said that they do not want Parscale to leave but want him to come and join bac and lead a happy life, but for Brad, it is not going to be the same again. Many things are going on with Parscale, but now he wants to rest and enjoy time with his family and be the man he always wanted to be. He said that with his family on his side, he will recover from the depression he has been facing and come out strong.

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