Brawlhalla Battle Pass Announced Officially

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : May 16, 2020

Brawlhalla is a widely popular fighting game for Microsoft Windows, macOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One Android, etc.which is developed by Blue Mammoth. The features of the game like characters, graphics sound quality are eye-catching for the players. all these things bring enthusiasm to the player to play the game.

It is a free 2d online game that supports up to a maximum of 8 local online players can play the game. the game offers three types 1vs1 2 vs2 and 2vs2 team. the game has ranked system from tin to platinum that helps in retaining the inquisitiveness of the gamers to play and reach the pinnacle in the leader board.


Brawlhalla Soft Elo Reset

If you are new to the season, you must know about the reset so that your previous ranked and Cuurency being saved in the latest season. There is a Soft Elo reset which you have to do after that you can continue your journey toward the freshest season.

Soft Elo reset is generally based on the prevailing Elo in the season fifteen. The currency that you will get after upgrading can be used in the Ranked section of Mallhalla to get special color and weapon skin to express your gratitude toward your most favorite legend. The features of the new season make you ecstatic and enthusiastic to play.

If you lie in the category of Gold or better in your fittest rating, you are assigned a ranked border that people will view in the match preview screen. The ranked border is categorized into three categories mainly in Gold, Platinum, and Diamond tiers. It will only apply for the one season as soon as the new season arrives a new rank system organizes with the few update that retains the dignity of the player.

Your border from any prior season does not conduct over or have any influence on your modern border reward.

Brawlhalla Weekly Games

In the current week, they are primarily continued with the weekly games for the restricted time. In weekly games, they rotate the different brawls that continue in the 7 days. They also highlight the traditional Brawl of the week like Horde, Bubble Tag, Brawlball, and several others in which you can pick the best to play.

The Player has to complete the brawl mission which helps in the accomplishment of 300 golds for each rotation of the brawl of the week. There is a great opportunity for players to earn a total of 2100 gold. People can also play the game in the custom mode i.e. you can make a custom game lobby. In the recent update, players are unrestricted to play the legends rotation that helps in retaining the enthusiasm of the player toward the game.


According to the latest news that the developer posted on the official twitter account of Brawlhalla on 12th May that a New battle pass system lounged very soon. I think you will get the battle pass within the week or next week. It also includes several things like different characters, weapons, and especially the Petra progression skin which levels up as you play.

You can also connect with the twitter page of Brawlhalla for the latest updates related to the game includes, character, coins, etc which help you to acquire the top position in the leader board

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