Breakdown Of Covid Infection In The U.S; 140 Million Infected People

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : March 3, 2022

The world’s most severe and devastating disease, the coronavirus which was first reported in Wuhan city of China has now become a very eminent and serious matter to talk about. With killing more than a million people in a year and egregiously infecting the people due to its transmissivity this virus has indeed affected us both physically and mentally.

Breakdown Of Covid Infection In The U.S; 140 Million Infected People

The doctors and scientists worked day and night in order to find a cure but they couldn’t come to a cessation. This virus indeed gave a tough competition to the medical centers as they became perplexed about the situation and couldn’t decide on what to do. Although many types of vaccines and medicines were introduced they couldn’t help in the alleviation of the coronavirus.

Breakdown Of Covid Infection In The U.S; 140 Million Infected People

Instead, many new covid- variants were introduced that were incongruously affecting the health and fitness of people at a cataclysmic rate. Among the variants of covid, the delta variant was considered the most dangerous as it was the main reason for the expansion of mortality rates in the year 2020-2021. Then came the omicron variant which was detected in South Africa on 24th November 2021. This covid variant was less harmful than the delta variant but was considered the most contagious as almost 60% of the world population was omicron positive after its 3 months of arrival.

The Coronavirus was first detected in China and it was reported that the country was harshly affected by the virus. But the fact which was to be noticed was that China was able to control the transmissible virus, because of which the covid cases in the country are at limited and minor rates.

Whereas the country harshly affected by the virus after China was the United States. It was reported that the mortality rates in the country expanded to 16.8%. However, the people infected from coronavirus were even at higher rates and it was reported that about 140 million people were infected from the covid infection. This rate of covid infection broke all the records worldwide and the country was warned by medical and health centers to enforce stern rules. 

The analysis of SGTF data after testing the covid cases in the U.S. concerningly and sympathetically asserted the people to maintain social distancing and obey the laws enforced regarding the virus. Reports suggested that there are chances of the evolution of the third wave in the country due to the increasing infection.

The WHO had enforced measures to control the virus and even the scientists did research to a great extent hoping for a positive result in the country but the results were shocking and unexpected. Almost 1800 people died daily in the country and 943000 active covid cases were reported daily. The American biopharmaceutical research companies did their best to control the virus and even the citizens did their best to control the spread of coronavirus but the rigidity of the virus couldn’t let people accomplish their mission. 

With the increase in the covid infection, doctors became more concerned about the children in the country as it was reported that the infections were detected in the majority population of teenagers and young adults as compared to the people aged 50 above.

Immediate vaccinations were ordered by the country for teenagers in order to enhance their immunity and endurance. The initial covid survey in the country reported that more than half of the country is covid positive. Instead of being the most powerful and developed country in the world, it is facing a problem in healing its people from the virus.

Well, it indeed is a tremendous problem as its cure has not yet been found and is still under interrogation till then stern measures and social distancing are the only solutions to maintain distance from the virus. 

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