California Hospitals Are Asked To Postpone Minor And Non-Life-Threatening Surgeries Amidst The Post-vacation Surge

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : January 6, 2021

State orders the hospitals in California to extend surgery dates as the requirements during the recent surge of the virus are rising higher.

The 14 counties in the state were immediately asked to delay minor and non-life-threatening surgeries to provide beds for new patients. 

California Hospitals Are Asked To Postpone Minor And Non-Life-Threatening Surgeries Amidst The Post-vacation Surge

Since the hospitals are overcrowded with COVID-19 patients, the rooms are less to occupy more. So, hospitals with vacant rooms are also asked to accept patients from other hospitals that are flooded with coronavirus patients. 

California Hospitals Are Asked To Postpone Surgeries

The order was issued on Tuesday to result in patients being shipped from the South to Northern parts of California and the agricultural San Joaquin Valley, and likely to stay at least for three weeks or maybe until the issue sets. 

The order is also applicable to any other country if there is any issue arises regarding the capacity of hospitals to accommodate patients.

The public health official of California, Dr.Thomas J Aragon said that if the increase of COVID-19 patients admissions increases alarmingly at hospitals across the state, the necessary care won’t be able to provide for the neediest in the state whether they are infected with COVID-19 or under any other trauma. 

The order may result in a new trend in hospitals in California. The hospitals were also warned to ration facilities like oxygen supply after foreseeing the overwhelming effect of the post-holiday surge of patients.

Over many years, the state of California has been taking the appropriate decisions over disastrous situations.

Presently, California is one of the top states which are highly affected by the post-holiday surge of patients in hospitals, despite administering vaccines to the residents. The current situation indicates that it may take weeks to settle down the fluctuations in daily cases.

According to the reports from the states, many hospitals across the country seek alternate housings nearby for patients as the patients are getting swarmed.

In Los Angeles, the Martin Luther King Jr. Community Hospital, which serves a large population of Blacks and Latinos prepared accommodations in its old gift shop, a chapel, tents, and hallways, when they had more COVID-19 patients on Tuesday than its normal capacity. 

The intern chief nursing and operating officer of the hospital, Jeff Stout said that currently, the hospital is treating 215 patients than its normal capacity of 131 patients, among which,135 are contracted with COVID-19.

The country presently encounters the worst face of the pandemic as the surge has resulted in a shortage of oxygen and other necessities and which lead to a directive to ambulance crews in the country not to transport patients who can’t survive.  

The medical director and commander of the emergency medical services in the Los Angeles Fire Department, Dr. Marc Eckstein said that they are not asking to decide who will die and who will live, but some people are clinically dead. The patients with false hope to the families may decontaminate the vehicles, he added. 

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