California Not Ready To Reopen With 1 Million New Cases

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : November 13, 2020

It took months, but Ruth Henricks eventually came to a point where business was closing at their own San Diego restaurant on unpredictable levels after the coronavirus hit. Coronavirus has made life worse. People are suffering, and there is no end to the growth of the same. 

California Not Ready To Reopen With 1 Million New Cases

With no sign of a vaccine in the near future, the people are forced to stay inside. There is no option left and they do not know what should they do. With nearly 1 million cases the people of California are scared of moving out and getting their life back on track. The life is miserable and the economy has crashed. With no monetary help it is difficult for the citizens to survive. Then, this week, it was revealed that San Diego County was pushed back to the most extreme of four colour levels and now Henricks is again concerned about handling the Huddle meal.

“What if you do not know whether you’re going to be available, closed or whatever, how can you prepare ahead from week to week?” she said. After a U-turn in an attempt to completely reopen California, the challenge is in the state. As the colder weather in the country is gathering, people are forced from the fresh air of being outside, and the state is seeing a boost in coronavirus infections. And some municipalities across the world are beginning to take drastic action.

Chicago on Thursday was similar to a lockout with a residence notice that came into force on Monday and ordered the closure of non-essential companies at 11 pm Bars, restaurants and gyms in New York will be forced to close at 10 pm. Friday’s launch. All the Republicans put mask mandates upon the governors of Iowa, Ohio and Utah. The steps are being taken as the Coronavirus tracker from Johns Hopkins University indicates that the US has had 143,241 new cases on Wednesday.

In California, the state’s tiered reopening proposal has been requested by 11 counties this week. In Los Angeles, on the lowest level of the four-step ladder, San Diego and two other counties, Sacramento and Stanislaus join. In the bottom, no restaurant indoors or indoor church services are prohibited. The total number of positive coronavirus tests increased to 4.2% in the last 7-day survey since at least the start of September, Ghaly reported. A 31% increase has followed the increase in COVID19 hospitalizations in the previous 14 days.

It is a turning point in a country which took pride in trying to prevent the virus from spreading: Gavin Newsom was among the first governors to issue a residence order. Yet today, according to Johns Hopkins University info, California is close to joining Texas as the only country with 1 million cases. Laurie Thomas, Managing Director of Golden Gate Restaurant Association, and a manager of two establishments herself said: “The challenge is the timing of this.” “There’s a change of wind and cold here. There’s nobody out there who wants to sit.”

She notes that the lower cases in San Francisco reflect her more proactive approach, but they do cost more stress and have a more significant impact on mental health. And because health insurance employees need their jobs, they are worsening their condition in the face of layoffs. They’re not just restaurants. The Rev. Bob Balian, the pastor of the Bayside Midtown Church, was only five weeks earlier in Sacramento, east of San Francisco, to accept worshipers on-site for their services.

“We temporarily stop our on-the-spot services and return strictly on-line now that the new mandate is in place,” Balian said. “This move unbelievably saddens many of our people, but most of our people completely understand our decision and support it.” Henricks does her utmost in San Diego to rescue her restaurant, The Huddle, since 1986. It will cut capacity from one quarter to a third by stopping indoor dining, she said.

She said that she was loyal to her clients, and some of them were actually on Facebook for her. The following is a statement from one post: ‘These directives are absurd and threaten the lives and livelihoods of small business owners and employees. It isn’t easy, however. Henricks said, “I don’t know what to do.

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