Cataracts Are Easy To Treat And Preventable

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : June 15, 2021

According to the HealthDay news, many middle-aged people can cause cataract which dims the vision of the eye. “These cataracts can be treated easily without side effects,” said an expert.

Cataracts Are Easy To Treat And Preventable

Researchers said that at the reach of age 80, half of the people are affected by cataracts or head-up with surgery to remove them. Doctors say that “cataract diseases are preventable” for preventive measures eye examinations should be done regularly because eye examinations help to identify the cause of cataracts and other eye problems.

Cataracts Are Easy To Treat And Preventable

Smoking should be avoided to prevent cataracts and also other health problems, a healthy diet should be maintained with the intake of fruits and vegetables, and decrease the usage of alcohol content drinks.

In a recent press release of a university, they stated that “the cataracts are typical for middle-aged people with an age gap of 40 to 50 years”, most of the people had no experience with vision problems until and unless they are irresponsible about their eyesight. Surgery age for people is allowed till the age of 75.

Researchers and doctors say that cataract is formed with a clump of protein which leaves in the lens of the eye and changes to cloudy and tinted. Impairing vision has occurred with cataract disease. But to date, the cause is unrelated and unknown. This cataract can cause in one eye or both eyes.

Frequently, the initial stage of cataracts is dependent on the increase of short blindness as that can be treated with glasses. In the progression of cataract night blindness develops where the condition could get worse, colors might appear dull.

Eye specialists stated that “blurriness in your vision will be your primary problem, but that can be treated in many different ways”. Blackstone said that “the primary thing is noticed in all the people is ‘glare’ that means; when light hits the pupil, it gets cataract and then scatters which makes your eye difficult to see in a vision. 

Blackstone found that “many common complaints are been reported on the night driving because of glare as the headlights of other vehicles hit the cataract and disable the vision. On the other note, dim lighting blocks the light at low levels, and the most common complaint is difficulty level in seeing the images or reading the small/large prints.

Blackstone said, Cataracts do respond to disease mainly due to sunlight and this can be managed by sunglasses, which reduces the brightness and stops the light focus directly into the eye, the glasses should be kind of anti-glare. If these safety measures are not helping the next step would be encouraged to have surgery for an effective treatment.

Surgeons said that cataract removal is common in operations in the US with the safest and effective measures taken. A surgeon removes the cloudiness and replaces the lens with a new one. Both eyes are not operated on at the one time as one eye is treated first and the other eye later. The treatment would be finished in 15 minutes, where 95 percent of the patients saw the best results after the operation.

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