Booster Shots Offer Real Protection Against Both Omicron And Delta Variants, Suggested By CDC Reports

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : January 29, 2022

With the emergence of the omicron variant in the United States on 1st December 2021 in the state of California, there is a huge demand for booster jabs for the citizens. 

The Booster shots are a real asset for the medical agencies after the initial two doses of the vaccine. The effectiveness of booster shots is very high and offers an instant boost to the immune system. 

Booster Shots Offer Real Protection Against Both Omicron And Delta Variants, Suggested By CDC Reports

The omicron variant is very highly contagious and less severe than the delta version, but the two doses of vaccination are not sufficient enough to handle the infection caused by the omicron subtype. 

Booster Shots Offer Real Protection Against Both Omicron And Delta Variants, Suggested By CDC Reports

The covid booster shots are eligible for every one of 12 years and above in the United States. To avail, of a booster jab one has to receive the two doses of the covid 19 vaccine of either Pfizer or Moderna at least 5 months ago and for Johnson & Johnson, the time frame is 2 months for a single dose. 

According to the latest research conducted by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it was found that booster shots generate 25 times more antibodies than the two vaccines. Also, it was analyzed that a booster jab reduces the chances of hospitalization and death by 90 percent and these are the best results according to the medical experts in the country. 

Also, the White House Administration has been planning to authorize booster shots for the children of 5-11 years in the country and for the adolescents of 12-17 years only Pfizer booster has been approved and above this, it will be the choice of the citizens to choose between Pfizer and Moderna booster shot.

More studies are being conducted by scientists and medical researchers regarding the effectiveness and efficiency of booster shots. Also as per the US CDC, the booster dose is very effective for both the variants of covid 19 virus, Delta, and the Omicron strain.

The data was conducted from different hospitals, pediatric doctors, and other covid 19 clinics by the CDC to analyze the data and come with real and conducive results. 

It was found that the vaccines developed by Moderna and Pfizer reduced their effectiveness after 6 months of receiving the second jab. The effectiveness is more than 90 percent when it comes to fighting the delta variant and around 84 percent against the omicron strain. 

After availing of the booster shot, the hospitalization and mortality rate reduce significantly. The safety of the citizens is the major concern for the Central government and medical agencies in the United States.

The parents must be encouraged more so that they should motivate their kids and allow them to receive the vaccine and get eligible for receiving the booster shots.

The full vaccination rate in the country is around 63 percent and the omicron variant has been targeting unvaccinated people more because they possess a low immune system.

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