CDC Reports Double Masks For Better Virus Protection

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : February 11, 2021

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported on Wednesday that wearing a double mask ie; a surgical mask under a cloth mask can provide greater protection from the tiny viral particles of the coronavirus.

It is said to be CDC’s first report on mask-wearing tactics ever since the beginning of the pandemic last year. 

CDC Reports Double Masks For Better Virus Protection

Although surgical masks are said to protect the individual from droplets or fluids, they are found to be ineffective against tiny virus particles as they do not tightly cover the nose and mouth. 

CDC Reports Double Masks For Better Virus Protection

Surgical masks are said to be made from polypropylene which produces an electrical charge to capture the viral particles. But due to the spaces left between the mask and the face, these particles can easily enter. 

Using either double masks or knotted-tucked surgical masks can help cover the nose and mouth tightly and block the entry of these virus particles.  

CDC report states that researchers found surgical masks being able to block 42% of particles that were capable of transmitting the Severe Acute Respiratory Coronavirus Syndrome (SARS-CoV-2).

They also found that double masks blocked 83% of viral particles and knotted-tucked masks prevented 65% of viral particles. 

CDC’s medical epidemiologist, Dr John Brooks stated that his team was focused more on the mask’s effectiveness than its material. 

He added that whether double masks or knotted-tucked, the way the masks fit is vital as it increases the protection against the virus. 

Wearing knotted-tucked masks or double masks was proven to prevent virus entry up to 95%. 

CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky stated that well-fitted masks provided the greatest protection. 

He added that CDC suggests masks to be worn in 2 or 3 layers to provide complete protection to the nose and mouth. 

But some health experts have raised concerns on whether the people would even wear double masks as most of them barely wear a single mask. 

Brooks also agreed that well-fitting masks will provide complete protection to any virus or variants as masks are designed to block the entry of even the tiniest of particles. 

With the rapid spread of new variants, it is crucial to provide maximum measures for better virus protection. 

CDC is said to have updated its website with the latest reports.

The United States has so far reported 27.3 million covid cases with more than 4 lakh+ deaths. 

The Trump government’s slow and ineffective measures to battle the virus has posed a significant challenge to the newly elected Biden administration. 

Despite Biden’s latest Covid-19 strategy which claims to provide 100 million vaccines in 100 days, due to the rising dangerous variants and critical vaccine supply, it is uncertain as to how long would his measures provide effective virus control. 

Biden also stated that the new few months would be the most critical time for America as new cases are expected to rise massively. 

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