Cdc Says Healthy Americans Can Stop Using Masks

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : March 1, 2022

We have been wearing masks in public places since the onset of the pandemic. Every health agency has been giving strict warnings about wearing masks to protect from Covid 19, and many places even do not allow visitors without masks. However, the situation seems to be changing going by the new guidelines issued by the CDC.

Cdc Says Healthy Americans Can Stop Using Masks

The agency has said that Americans living in places where the cases are very few can stop using masks. This also includes guidelines for students, and they can stop using masks if the overall situation in the area is under control.

Cdc Says Healthy Americans Can Stop Using Masks

Across the world, the coronavirus is slowing down, and many countries are working to their full capacity without any covid protocols. The situation is returning to normal even in the US, and the new CDC guidelines highlight the situation. However, in some areas where the risk of Covid 19 is still high, the agency suggests using masks for a few more months to avoid the threat of infection.

According to official statistics, only about one-third of the US is considered as high risk for Covid in this situation. This new guideline provides some relaxation for the rest of the population. If you are already vaccinated and living in a community that is not showing many health issues, you can take a break from wearing masks.

Going into the details of the CDC guidelines, the mandate to wear masks in public places still exists, and people have to use them while using public transport. However, when it comes to indoor spaces, the agency has left the decision to the local authorities. In the case of educational institutions, they can make their own decision according to the situation in the locality. However, CDC has asked those who have symptoms to use masks regularly as it helps avoid the transmission of the virus.

The CDC has stated that most people have immunity due to vaccination and previous infection, which is enough to prevent the infection at this stage. The agency has said that people are free to continue using the masks if they feel comfortable.

This time, the agency has put more focus on the hospital data rather than depending only on the number of positive cases in the country. The data with regards to the severity of infection in particular communities are displayed on the CDC website, and the common public can access the data to make informed decisions.

The earlier CDC guidelines to use masks were based on the number of positive cases on a weekly basis. Due to the high numbers in most parts of the US, the agency had continued to issue mask-wearing guidelines for the public.

However, the trend of weekly infections is on a decline in the US, and this has prompted the agency to issue fresh guidelines. Apart from that, the severity of infections in the third wave was very mild, and most of the hospitals were not overburdened due to Covid 19 in the last few months.

Several states have already made plans to drop the mask mandates due to decreasing Covid cases across the country. Experts say that the new guidelines from CDC do not make much difference to the situation as most people have already stopped using masks.

However, we need to be aware that there is a threat of another wave coming in the fall or winter season. For this reason, it is always a good idea to be prepared with Covid protocols in order to avoid further infection. The masking mandates can be renewed when a new wave emerges in the country.

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