CDC Separates Itself From The Comment Of Dr Rochelle Walensky

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : April 3, 2021
  • Dr Rochelle Walensky made a generalisation in her speech about vaccines and spreading of the virus
  • The director of the U.S. CDC or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is Rochelle Walensky 
  • A research by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has found already that Moderna and Pfizer jabs the prevention of around 90% in infection
  • But the main problem they are still facing is if these can completely prevent transmission

CDC Separates Itself From The Comment Of Dr Rochelle Walensky

The U.S.’s top most health agency has taken its word back on the bold claim made the director, Dr Rochelle Walensky, that people who are vaccinated don’t carry this virus.

CDC Separates Itself From The Comment Of Dr Rochelle Walensky

The director of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of Dr Rochelle Walensky, has said in a television interview this week that vaccinated individuals neither carry this virus nor get sick. This is proved not only in these clinical trials but also in the real world data.

CDC has made a distance from this comment of their director and also issued a press release stating that there is no evidence and the  director was just speaking broadly. This has created quite a stir.

Another health body which is the U.S. equivalent of the Public Health in England, has published another study stating that Moderna and Pfizer’s vaccine prevents around 90 per cent of the total Covid 19 infections.

These Covid 19 vaccines are working quite  well and protecting the people, but experts have said that one has urged individuals not to think for a single second that one can’t get infected after being vaccinated.

The director of CDC comments are not backed by science or some evidence that the Moderna and Pfizer Covid 19 jabs can completely stop transmission – that the claim hasn’t been made by the vaccine itself most of them has been tested, which includes AstraZeneca’s vaccine, that appears to reduce the number of infections. None of the vaccines is 100 percent perfect and most of the people would inevitably get sick after these jabs.

This warning also echoes with the comments that are made by the U.K. Prime Minister, Boris Johnson on Friday, said to a news agency in a Q and A session that most of the vaccinated individuals can still meet indoors under some social distancing laws since the shots aren’t giving individuals 100 percent protection. 

The CDC spokesperson told to a news agency that Dr Walensky had spoken very broadly in this interview. It is quite possible that some of the people that are completely vaccinated can get Covid 19.  But the evidence is not clear if they might spread the Covid 19 virus to other people. We are also continuing to evaluate these evidence. Dr Walensky although didn’t elaborate on her comment but also admitted in an interview later that this was vital for the U.S. for bringing this transmission down with some social distancing while these vaccines might be rolled out.

The CDC has revealed a study this week, which shows that the Pfizer and  Moderna vaccines shot appear to stop only 90 percent of the total coronavirus infections, that includes the ones which don’t cause any symptoms.

This research which was carried out on around 3,950 of the key workers in the U.S. around 2,956 that have got a vaccine and tested these people for Covid 19 every week for 3 months.

It was found that these cases have tumbled down by 90 percent in people that have been completely immunised and around 80 percent after a single shot.

Although it wasn’t proven that the people who didn’t test positive would not spread this virus but scientists hope that this would be the case. 

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