CDC: The Moderna Vaccine Is much Stronger Than Pfizer And J&J

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 21, 2021

The CDC on Friday stated that the covid 19 vaccine made by Moderna is much more effective as compared to Johnson & Johnson or Pfizer. This was observed in people after 4 months of vaccination were in the people administered with Moderna showed better efficacy as compared to the other two companies. This report came just when the FDA was debating on giving out Pfizer`s booster shot to the general population.

CDC: The Moderna Vaccine Is much Stronger Than Pfizer And J&J

The report for CDC for this study was taken from 3700 people in 18 states and in 21 hospitals in a period of 5 months which suggested that most of the people stated that they did not contact covid 19 or any symptoms in these many months.

CDC: The Moderna Vaccine Is much Stronger Than Pfizer And J&J

In the study, it was found out that the Moderna vaccine is 93% effective while that of Pfizer is 88% and Johnson & Johnson is 71% effective. However, all the vaccination are approved by the FDA and the main job of the vaccine is to keep the people away from the hospital so that the virus can be contained.

On Friday there was a committee that had seated on discussing the Pfizer`s booster shots to be made available for the public or not. The vote count at the end of the day was 16-2 in favor of not rolling out the booster shots for the general population. The committee said that Pfizer did not provide enough data to support the use of booster doses.

Earlier this month the Biden administration had stated that they will be giving out booster shots to all the people which was not taken well in the parliament by the opposition. However, it has been decided that the booster shots will be given to people over the age of 65 after a period of 6 months from their 2nd vaccination.

The other issue that has been ongoing is that America is seeing more child admissions into the hospitals. Since the opening of the schools, there are many more kid cases in the US. Out of all the admissions, 25% are of children. CDC has asked all the schools to make masks mandatory and also to give out special seminars on the importance of wearing the masks and the use of sanitizers.

The US is seeing roughly 1000+ deaths every day due to the coronavirus. The CDC in August made it mandatory for all the vaccinated people as well to wear masks. It has been observed that the latest variant – Delta even though not harmful for a fully vaccinated person, virus stays in their body and gets transferred to a non-vaccinated person causing life-threatening issues.

Many of the workplaces have made it mandatory to be fully vaccinated and job portal sites like Indeed saw an increase of 300% more job opportunities for fully vaccinated people. Many of the companies are conducting vaccination drives at their own office making it easy for their employees.

California and Florida are seeing the greatest number of covid 19 cases as well as deaths due to which the state has imposed strict restrictions on certain activities. With children hospitalization on the rise, many of the parents have asked the schools to go back to online learning which will make their kids in a safe environment,

The Biden administration said that the US will be outsourcing a large number of vaccines so as to help the global vaccination drive and to contain the virus quickly. The US and other countries along with the UN will be sitting in a meeting next week to decide the further course on how to tackle this issue.

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