Chaos Or Justice: Louisville Is Awaiting Breonna Decision

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 14, 2020


Even though Breonna’s Taylor’s mother expressed her words in a dynamic and unclouded way, she was clear about what is she expecting from Daniel Cameron, Kentucky Attorney General. She was clear regarding must be done to the Louisville’s three officers who were involved in her daughter’s death.

Chaos or justice: Louisville is awaiting Breonna decision

She said it all, “charge them all.’ On Thursday, in an unflinchingly direct as well as heartfelt post, Tamika Palmer expressed herself on her Instagram page. ‘She called out Cameron by his name, and it was like the way a mother calls her son.’ Tamika Palmer asked, “Can you call my child yours? Do you have the courage and power to do so,” “I wish you have the power to see everything including my community’s and my cry, the power to see everything done by part of our village that is meant to raise our daughters in aright way.”

In the last 184 days, from the day she learned that it is March 13th morning that her daughter was lying dead in her apartment in South Louisville, Palmer is waiting anxiously to receive the best decision in the case. ‘She is not alone.’ Not only in Louisville but across the country, followers of the story are holding the breath and waiting for the decision. Cameron will announce the decision, and this is after a months-long investigation on her death. Meantime, one more important thing is a critical question is asked to elected officials. The question is also asked for a lot of residents as well as business owners and public safety leaders.

‘What is expected to happen in Louisville once Cameron announces the decision of the case?” A Louisville attorney representing Palmer, Sam Aguiar, said, “Irrespective of what is inside the announcement, one thing is clear that it is satisfactory to everyone.” Mitch McConnell, the protege of Senate Majority Leader, already received Public Integrity Unit investigation regarding the shooting from Louisville Metro Police, and it is substantially complete. After that, he mostly stayed mum publicly regarding investigation from his office. But, he stated this week that ‘investigation remains ongoing.’ “When the investigation is done properly, it cannot follow a timeline.”

He added, Once we complete the investigation, a decision will be made.” He also quoted that; We will further offer an update regarding the announcement. You can expect news from our office and not from unnamed sources. Until then, the investigation continues.” What happens if Cameron’s office does not offer firm charges to the police officers? Aguiar predicts, “There will be some justifiable tension in Louisville and across the country.” He also added,

“There will be a wrong way and right way to respond to the announcement.” Louisville officials, police leaders, protestors, and Taylor’s family have a lot to say about the decision. They have a lot of expectations and hopes regarding Taylor’s decision and waiting ‘what could happen next.’ ‘It is crunch time for us.’ said Breonna Taylor’s family. All these days, it is all about Palmer, who lost her daughter and later, and an intensely private woman found herself in the national spotlight. Palmer gave birth to her daughter Breonna when she was 16.

The attorney, seeking to offer her a reprieve, declined to provide an interview with her regarding her daughter’s death. On Thursday, Palmer, through Instagram, delivered a powerful message directing to Cameron. “Our family is felt like we are in crunch time, and we have put our trust and faith in you.” Palmer wrote, “Your mother would have pushed herself and put everything needed when raising you.” She tagged rookie attorney general¸ a 34-year-old, who elected in November in 2019.

“In case if you ask her, you will get an answer that she can stop at nothing to protect you. If she wants to save your life, she can easily give her life. If you were in a position such as you are gunned down at your own house, even she would have demanded killers to bring into justice. In case if it were delayed, she would have stood up and demanded justice. She would have taken help from community and friends in the situation where her cry for justice was completely ignored.” “If your mother has the power to make sure such injustice would never happen without consequences and accountability, she would have made sure of it.”

Palmer was asked in June if charges are not filed, what she thinks will happen in the future. She replied, ‘Yes, I have, but I always think it should not have come to that situation.’ In the last weekend of May, it was the early days of protest, and seven were shot, and downtown stores also experienced window shattered. Apart from that, their inventories were looted, and continuously Taylor’s family and protestors were called for calm as soon as possible.

“It was not like Bre way, and I never agree with it.” Taylor’s mother replied. Palmer said in June, “It never represents who Taylor was.” Palmer and her attorney, along with other family members, met Cameron on August 12. At the time, the attorney general expressed condolences and meantime stressed the severity of bringing all the possible facts into her case. Palmer said, “The attorney general is completely committed, and he is in the direction to get the truth. We will hold him up to the same commitment.” A community activist, Christopher 2X, was also present in the meeting of Taylor’s family and Cameron.

He said, We left the room witnessing, observing, and feeling the presence of Breonna’s getting fair shake after cried for justice.” But meantime, Aguiar has doubts about what Cameron will deliver. “I have the biggest fear right now. I think there won’t be the right level of accountability that I expect there to be. But everything that I see in the case is that it is implicating officers on the scene and then some.” Taylor’s boyfriend walker was with her on that night she was killed. Walker said,

“I am praying for peaceful response and non-violent response from Louisvillians and even from the city as well as a police force.” Walker is charged with the attempted murder of a Police officer since he fired at the officer on the night of Taylor died. But, the same charge was dismissed in May when Jefferson Commonwealth’s Attorney Tom Wine requested, and he called for additional investigation.



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