Chemical Leak At Water Park Causes Panic, More Than 60 People Decontaminated

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : July 20, 2021

Authorities decontaminated more than 60 people after a chemical leakage in a water park in Texas. 26 persons are being treated for the same.

Authorities said that they decontaminated more than 60 people yesterday. They happened to be exposed to an airborne leakage at a waterpark in Texas. 26 persons are under treatment for the same. One among them is a 3-year old who developed serious complications due to the exposure.  The unfortunate incident happened inside a children’s pool at Six Flags Harbor Splashdown in spring, Texas. The Harris Fire Office is closely monitoring the air quality of the region, it said in a tweet. It will also conduct an investigation into the matter.

Chemical Leak At Water Park Causes Panic, More Than 60 People Decontaminated

Those affected experienced minor skin allergies and inhalation irritation, the office announced. It, however, did not give details of the process of decontamination. The authorities closed the waterpark for the rest of the day.

Chemical Leak At Water Park Causes Panic, More Than 60 People Decontaminated

A small group of guests in one section of the park reported feeling ill and experiencing respiratory irritations.

All those who were hospitalized are stable, the park informed. 39 among the guests went through the process of decontamination. And they refused to be hospitalized.

The chemicals that happened to leak were hypochlorite solution and 35% sulfuric acid.

The park gives utmost priority to its guests. And they closed the premises to determine the cause of the leakage. They also took measures to ensure that the park does not open before it complied with all the safety requirements in place.

The park also thanked all who responded with speed and accuracy. The leakage was confined to one attraction.

Here is how to respond if you happen to witness such an emergency in your area:

  1. Evacuate those present at the earliest. Don’t spend time gathering anything.
  2. Once outside, call 911. Give the officer all the information you have; your full name, contact number, number of those injured or ill and the location. Don’t hang up the phone unless the person at the other end ends the call. The officer may require more information.
  3. Stay away from people. You don’t want to breathe smoke that can be toxic.
  4. Know what toxic poisoning and respond to the symptoms at the earliest. They may include:
  • Kin or eye irritation
  • Difficulty to breathe
  • Blurred vision or headache
  • Change of color of skin
  • Lack of coordination
  • Dizziness
  • Clumsiness

If you notice that someone is exposed to toxic poisoning, try to find the package. It may have information on its ingredients. Call the emergency number and give as much information as possible. You may follow the first-aid instructions the officer offers. Don’t use your mouth without seeking permission from a medical officer.

You should also see to it that you follow the general safety guidelines in waterparks:

  1. Dress for the outing. Stay safe from sunburn, insects and other elements of nature that may spoil the fun of the trip.
  2. Don’t forget your sunscreen. You may also use a lip balm to stay safe.
  3. Don’t leave your children unattended. See to it that they are always there before your eyes.
  4. Don’t let yourself be extremely tired. Avoid staying in the sun for long. Regulate your time spent in the cold. And don’t be too lenient in the matters of safety.
  5. See to it that you are always wearing a life vest. It will protect your children during emergencies.
  6. Be mindful of the rules. Every waterpark will have its own rules and regulations. Read them with care before letting your children have fun in it.
  7. Refrain from running around the pool. Lastly, don’t allow children to go to deeper sites

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