Chris Christie Gets a Check Done As a Precautionary Method

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : October 5, 2020

Former Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey told the CNN that he had taken a positive test for Covid-19, and he was checked at his hospital on Saturday afternoon as a precautionary measure.

Chris Christie gets a check done as a precautionary method

After Trump tested positive, there has been a lot of speculation and analysis done for the ones who need to get the tests done. The entire team was made to get themselves checked for the COVID19 test. The President tested positive and was on a roll to a lot of places and has met several people. Testing for each of them will not be possible, but the main people who came close to Trump as being made to get tested and are also being advised to isolate themselves for a couple of days.

In consultation with his father, Christie, who suffers from asthma, concluded it was better treated in the hospital. Christie told CNN that on Saturday, he had a mild fever and was miserable but felt fairly good to go to a doctor. Although he said his breathing is normal, after he was admitted, he began therapy with Covid-19. Christie also confirmed earlier Saturday on Twitter that President Donald Trump had tested positive for his first presidential debate. Christie said, I just got the news that I’m COVID–19 positive. I want to thank all of my friends and colleagues who have come out to ask my last or two days how I felt. I’m trying to get medical attention today to keep the people I need to be aware of my situation. The friends and family are all worried because he suffers from asthma, and this can prove to be a tough fight for him. Now that he has been hospitalised it is being assumed that many more names are going to come out for the need of the same.

Christie was among the top Trump campaign workers who got checked Friday after positive diagnosis reports from the President. The former Republican governor said, “I feel healthy and have no symptoms” on Friday, and remembered on Tuesday that Covid-19 had been last checked with negative findings. After the former governor was hospitalised, a note of Christie’s well-wishing was issued by current New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy, a Democrat and his wife. In our thoughts and prayers, Tammy and I continue to carry Governor Christie. We all know he’s a survivor and hopes he’ll heal easily and completely, “Murphy said. Early Friday morning Trump revealed he had screened positive for Covid-19 on Tuesday following a ceremony of appointment to the Supreme Court for Judge Amy Coney Barrett last Saturday. Trump has been taken to the Walter Reed Methodist Center on Friday and will stay for a couple of days.

Christie and a team of councillors arranged Sunday and Monday meetings at the White House with Trump. On Friday, he told ABC News that nobody was wearing masks while preparing for the President. Also in the Trump summit, last weekend was Christie, where many tourists were not seen with masks or social space. Now, this is going to be a concern for the medical teams. There were around 1500 people present at the white house, and nobody was wearing masks or followed the rule of social distancing. You cannot track down each one of them and then ask them to tell their loved ones to isolate. It is not possible when the restrictions have been relaxed. The track record for the people who were a part of Trump’s meetings are being made, and then some steps will be taken. If something goes wrong, then this can cause a huge problem for the country.

Since then, other Presidents’ dialogue committee and internal circle have confirmed that they have been researching the virus positively. Former adviser Kellyanne Conway from White House, who assisted in the ceremony of the Rose Garden assignment and helped plan discussions, revealed on Friday her positive reports came. According to an official, Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien checked positive on Covid-19 Friday night. Thursday it was pointed out that Trump’s close assistant Hope Hicks had positive tests earlier this day – which caused the Trump to reveal itself. Hicks travelled maskless to the debate in Cleveland, along with a large group of campaign leaders and Trump’s family. Since then, Biden has checked coronavirus negatively. During the Tuesday night debate, CNN claimed that Biden and Trump’s podiums were 12 feet apart and 8 inches apart.

Trump’s diagnosis and fitness are challenging the status of the next presidential debates. Still, Vice-president Mike Pence – tested negative – also intends to debate Kamala Harris, the Democrat candidate. Now there are a lot of things that will have to be managed when the President is not in a condition to carry on with the procedures of the elections. Debates are coming up but might have to be cancelled as Trump is not well. Also, some campaigns are lined up for the last days, but they will also have to be cancelled as even though he will recover, but still, it will not be safe to be moving around. The elections are just some days apart, and the coronavirus is spreading like wildfire in the White house. One after the other, all the officials are getting diagnosed with positive reports. This is not a small thing and a major issue.

Biden has also been tested, but his reports are negative. One of the major things is that during the debate, everyone was wearing masks, but only the Trump family did not wear them. Now you do not know what extent the virus has spread. The officials are praying that it does not spread more and gets controlled/ if the need arises then there will be lockdown again as Trump was going and attending campaigns and was meeting all the officials and ministers without a mask. The medical department has also advised issuing a public notice that whosoever was a part of the campaigns or was present at the place where Trump was there then they must get the tests done and also must keep in mind to isolate.



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