CircuBoost Reviews – An Advanced Nitric Oxide Support Formula For Blood Circulation?

Dr. Ricardo Alvarez | Last Updated : August 24, 2021

CircuBoost Reviews [Updated] – Hello readers, if you are looking for a trustworthy CircuBoost review, you have come to the right place. For those of you who haven’t heard already, CircuBoost is the new talk of the town and the supplement that is being heavily discussed in the top health and longevity forums.

So I’m sure you are wondering whether the hype surrounding this CircuBoost supplement is worthwhile. Well, that’s exactly why I decided to write this CircuBoost review today.

CircuBoost Reviews – Does It Helps To Increase Vitality And Slow Down Aging?

Now, my regular readers will already know that I hold a special interest in taking down supplements that cannot back up their claims. And from my experience, it seems that the majority of dietary supplements fall into this category.

But once in a while, some good supplements do turn up, they deservedly receive much appreciation from their customers. And it looks like CircuBoost is a legit supplement that falls to this category, at least on the surface.

But what exactly is the CircuBoost supplement and how does it work? Should you be concerned about its safety? Well, keep reading this CircuBoost reviews to find the answers to all these questions and more.

CircuBoost Reviews
Product NameCircuBoost
Health benefitsHelps increase vitality and slow down aging.
CircuBoost IngredientsFermaPro Fermented Beet, CareFlow Mango Powder, Stevia Rebaudiana Leaf.
Product FormPowder
Dosage InstructionTake 1 scoop (6g) mixed with water once a day
CircuBoost ResultsTake 3 months
CircuBoost Side EffectsNo major side effects reported
Quantity180g (30 servings)
Money-back Guarantee60 days
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is CircuBoost Supplement?

CircuBoost is an all-natural dietary supplement that helps increase vitality and slow down aging. The supplement was developed by the independent medical researcher and editor of the Longevity Newsletter, Don Elgie, and is manufactured by Independent Vital Life.

It is considered highly effective as it contains a unique blend of ingredients that work on the root cause that speeds up the aging process.

Each bottle of CircuBoost is manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility owned by Independent Vital Life right here in the United States and contains 30 servings of the supplement.

CircuBoost supplement comes in the form of an easy-to-use mango-flavored powder that can be mixed with water or even your favorite smoothie.

The Brain Behind CircuBoost Formula

CircuBoost is manufactured by Independent Vital Life, a company founded by Don Elgie, who is also the brains behind the supplement. Don has been formulating supplements for over 30 years and was one of the first to develop a multi-strain probiotic before they became household names.

He developed CircuBoost based on a published research article on Nitric Oxide (N-O) and its ability to relax blood vessels. This work piqued Don’s interest and led him to develop the unique anti-aging formula that is available to us today as the Circuboost dietary supplement.

CircuBoost creator

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CircuBoost Ingredients

The key to the CircuBoost formula is a dietary nitrate-rich blend of natural and organic ingredients in their purest form and used in precise measures. It is a result of years of research. The CircuBoost ingredients are listed below:

FermaPro Fermented Beet

Beets are a great source of dietary nitrates. CircuBoost’s fermented FermaPro® Beet ingredient contains more than double the natural nitrates as regular beet powder. While other beet drinks are either loaded with natural sugar the fermentation process eliminates all the natural sugars making it great for people concerned about their blood sugar levels.

FermaPro Fermented Beet
CareFlow Mango Powder

CareFlow Mango Powder

The clinical grade of Careflow® Mango fruit powder used in CircuBoost is scientifically proven to help increase Nitric Oxide in the body through two double-blind, human clinical trials. This natural plant-based ingredient increases eNOS, the enzyme required to convert arginine from food into Nitric Oxide inside the body.

Stevia Rebaudiana Leaf

The clinical grade of Careflow® Mango fruit powder used in CircuBoost is scientifically proven to help increase Nitric Oxide in the body through two double-blind, human clinical trials. This natural plant-based ingredient increases eNOS, the enzyme required to convert arginine from food into Nitric Oxide inside the body.

Stevia Rebaudiana Leaf

How Does CircuBoost Work In The Body?

CircuBoost Supplement

Recent research shows that a signaling gas molecule produced by the body, Nitric Oxide, can widen your blood vessels to promote healthy blood flow.

The Italian researchers who conducted the research discovered that perfusion or microcirculation, the supply of blood that reaches organs and muscles is the reason behind the longevity of life and good health.

So improved circulation helps more oxygen and nutrients get to your cells which can enhance energy, endurance, and vitality.

But as you age, especially after age 40, the human body slows down the production of Nitric Oxide inside the blood. The CircuBoost formula which is rich in dietary nitrates works to improve microcirculation.

As a result, you will experience increased vitality and energy due to the improved flow of nitric oxide-rich blood. Used consistently, therefore, it helps slow down the aging process.

CircuBoost Supplement

Is CircuBoost Beneficial?

Here are some of the natural benefits you can expect from using the CircuBoost supplement regularly:

✅ Improves blood flow.

✅ Supports healthy blood sugar levels.

✅ Enhanced energy and vitality.

✅ Improved focus and concentration.

✅ Increased virility and stamina.

CircuBoost supplement

CircuBoost Side Effects

CircuBoost is made from 100% natural ingredients that are clinically tested and also reported to have no side effects. Independent Vitality Life assures that all CircuBoost ingredients are sourced from trusted suppliers to ensure top quality and purity.

It is also manufactured in sterile and hygienic conditions in their state-of-the-art facility using the latest technology and equipment to ensure the highest standards. So there shouldn’t be any need for concern regarding quality and safety.

CircuBoost Dosage & How To Use It?

CircuBoost Dosage

As per the original product label, the ideal dosage is to take 1 scoop (6g) mixed with water of a favorite beverage once a day as a dietary supplement. Each bottle of CircuBoost contains 30 servings of the supplement. So it should last you a month.

It is also recommended that you use the CircuBoost supplement daily for a minimum of three months for best results.  Alternately, you may use the CircuBoost supplement as suggested by a registered healthcare professional. 

However, be advised that those who are under medical supervision, taking regular prescription medication, or anticipating surgery should consult a doctor prior to use.

Pregnant or lactating women, those with allergies, and those under the age of 18 should also get consent from a healthcare professional before use.

CircuBoost dosage

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CircuBoost Results and Longevity

As per the official website, you will start seeing subtle changes in your energy and vitality within the first few weeks of using the CircuBoost supplement. The same has been corroborated by dozens of CircuBoost customer reviews and testimonials.

However, since CircuBoost is an anti-aging supplement, it is not a quick fix that can be used in the short term. The supplement is meant to be used consistently for one or two years for complete results. 

So if the customer feedback and expert analysis is anything to go by, using the CircuBoost supplement for 3 to 4 months is the bare minimum if you want real results. 

As far as the longevity of the results is concerned, what I can tell you from the data I have collected is that taking the CircuBoost supplement for long periods can only add more years to your life.

If used consistently, customers have reported increased vitality and energy that lasted on average between 1 to 2 years, provided a healthy lifestyle is maintained

Is CircuBoost Legit Or Not?

CircuBoost is manufactured by the trusted nutrition brand Independent Vitality Life in their state-of-the-art facility, under sterile, strict, and precise standards, right here in the United States.

Each bottle is assured by the manufacturer to be safe and effective. So there shouldn’t be any doubts regarding the legitimacy of the CircuBoost supplement in terms of quality and manufacturing standards.

As I’ve mentioned at the beginning of this CircuBoost reviews, the supplement did already look legit on the surface level. The positive CircuBoost customer reviews and the scientifically tested ingredients used in the formula only go on to confirm the same.

Besides, Independent Vitality Life also offers a 60-day, no-questions-asked, 100% money-back guarantee if the CircuBoost supplement doesn’t provide the desired results. If the manufacturer is so confident that their product will deliver results, then the CircuBoost supplement must surely be legit.

CircuBoost Customer Reviews & Complaints

The majority of the CircuBoost customer reviews and testimonials I came across were on the positive side. In fact, there were only a few complaints from a handful of customers who were not satisfied with the supplement after a month’s use.

This suggests that most customers did see the results that they desired which is the best positive sign when it comes to natural supplements.

Nonetheless, the only advice I would like to give you from my experience is to stick to natural supplements for at least a few months if you really want to see results.

CircuBoost customer reviews

CircuBoost Price & Where To Get CircuBoost?

CircuBoost dietary supplement is only available for purchase through the official website. It is not available on other e-commerce websites or retail stores like Amazon or Walmart.

According to the founder of the brand Independent Vital Life, Donald, the company has enough resources to take care of logistics and a secure website that compares to the likes of Amazon. Besides, he says this helps provide offers such as free supplement bottles with each purchase.

CircuBoost supplement is currently available in three discounted packages with special offers, on the official website. Here is a quick overview of the discount plans:

💲 Buy 3 and Get 3 Free – 180 Day Supply – $119.85 + Free U.S. Shipping

💲 Buy 2 and Get 1 Free – 90 Day Supply – $79.90 + Free U.S. Shipping

💲 Buy 1 bottle – 30 Day Supply – $29.96 + Free U.S. Shipping

It’s quite obvious that among the available offers the “buy 3 get 3 free” plan offers the best value for money as you’ll be getting 6 bottles of CircuBoost for around $19.98 each, which is the lowest price.

Besides, it is quite evident from clinical trials and expert analysis that you have to take the CircuBoost supplement for around 3 to 4 months for best results.

However, the “buy 2 get 1 free”  plan is also a good choice. A lot of people have seen good results after 3 months of use. So it could work for you if your vitality levels are not too low. And you’d be still saving a huge amount from the original price of the CircuBoost supplement. 

Besides, the supplement comes with a no-risk “it works or its free” 60-day 100% money-back guarantee. So it doesn’t really matter which package you choose anyway. 

However, be aware that the refund is applicable only if you purchase the supplement from the official website.

There could be plenty of fake websites and third-party stores selling fake products that use the same name and likeness as CircuBoost due to the increasing demand.

These supplements are worthless imitations made with low-grade ingredients and cannot offer true results as the patented CircuBoost formula. So make sure you buy CircuBoost only from the official website. You can use the link to the official website that I have shared with this CircuBoost reviews, just to be sure.

CircuBoost Reviews – My Verdict

If you feel like you are aging too quickly or your energy level is declining constantly, then CircuBoost might just be the natural solution for you. Thousands of men and women have found positive results after taking the CircuBoost supplement and have been able to regain their youthful vitality.

As I’ve already mentioned in this CircuBoost reviews, all CircuBoost ingredients are clinically tested to be safe and also reported to have no side effects.

Besides, the supplement comes at affordable prices and is backed by a 60-day, risk-free 100% money-back guarantee. This means you don’t have to worry about burning a hole in your pocket.

You can easily get a refund if you feel it is not working for you even after the specified time. So I’d say CircuBoost is worth a try.


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