Climate Change And Toxic Pollution – Many Countries At Risk

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : July 26, 2021

Today, the world has developed more tools and devices, than what the people initially of. The results and both toxic and non-toxic substances circulating throughout the earth. Toxic pollution has increased manifold. The fine particulate matter harms humans in a direct manner.

Climate Change And Toxic Pollution – Many Countries At Risk

The non-toxic substances are leading to global heating. Which is in turn affecting the temperature on earth. Toxic and non-toxic substances are complimenting one another. The pollution quotient has affected many countries at large. The recent studies have highlighted about ten countries that are the most affected. 

Climate Change And Toxic Pollution – Many Countries At Risk

In recent studies, researchers and scientists have highlighted a strong inter-connection between toxic pollution and non-toxic pollution. Toxic pollution affects the human population directly. Whereas, non-toxic pollution attributes to global warming and climate changes. Recently, several studies were published in PLOS One. The researchers have identified the countries, that the international communities can support. 

Pollution And Global Heating

Human pollution has had a huge effect on the ecologies of the world. The pollution being talked about arising out of fine particulate matter, and greenhouse gases. Over the last few decades, humans have released more harmful gases, such as carbon dioxide, which have contributed to climate change.

Climate change is a significant threat to human health. It has a negative ecological effect. Moreover, it is irreversible. The world is on the verge of destruction, literally. There is no stopping the release of poisonous substances into the atmosphere. If once, the damage starts, then it would be difficult to reverse it.

Toxic fine particles are a cause of major health issues. According to studies by the Environmental Protection Agency, fine particulate matter has a link with many serious health issues. They are serious respiratory problems, and heart problems. 

The fine particulate matter damages the lakes, rivers, oceans, and seas. Bothe the toxic and non-toxic matter is reinforcing one another. However, studies establishing the joint effects of both need to be studied more in detail. Determining the co-relation is very important today. It will help the international community to mitigate the issue. 

The study covers almost 176 countries as a whole. There are three parameters, that have been taken into account. The first one of the country’s vulnerability to climate change-related harm, measurement of the environmental health, and mortality due to toxic pollution. 

Strong Correlation Established  

The researchers who are at the helm of the study have come up with a strong correlation between a country’s response to climate change and its population’s exposure to toxic pollution. The findings substantiate the researcher’s hypothesis. It is also backed by previous research. It has shown negative effects of climate change and the exposure of toxic substances to poor nations.

The Director of the Global Observatory on Pollution and Health at the Schiller Institute for Integrated Science and Society, has said that fossil fuel combustion is the main cause. It is also responsible for 85 percent of airborne particles. The pollution has been attributed to sulfur and nitrogen. 

The researchers are zeroed in upon a few countries, that are at risk, they are Singapore, China, India, Rwanda, Georgia, and Botswana to name a few. The study also highlights which countries are not able to attend to the issues, even with international support. 

There are a number of factors behind this. The inability to enforce environmental standards and exploitation by some businesses is the key factor behind this. The researchers have also highlighted the Demographic Republic of Congo. The DRC is exposed to fine particles from the Sahara apart from urban transport. There are mines as well behind this. Moreover, global warming has led to floods, that disrupt agriculture. Therefore, the effects are far-reaching. The government has to take care at all levels, along with other communities to reign in these issues. 

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