Clinics Provide A Two-for-one Deal To Patients

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 23, 2021

Flu vaccination clinics are an autumn tradition in most towns throughout the United States, and they’re free. However, many will provide something extra in the form of Covid-19 injections this year. Because of the proliferation of the Delta variety and the lingering uncertainty about what the next flu season may bring, combined vaccine clinics have sprung up in towns and counties throughout the US to provide a one-stop option for receiving either a Covid-19 immunization or a flu injection, or both.

Clinics Provide A Two-for-one Deal To Patients

“I believe that many of us are worried about the fact that there was little flu activity last year. Is it possible that a pandemic and flu season would occur at the same time, at a time when our healthcare facilities are already experiencing a strain?” Dr. Robert Hopkins, the head of general internal medicine, shared his thoughts.

Clinics Provide A Two-for-one Deal To Patients

The University of Arkansas of Medical Sciences launched a new vaccination clinic in Little Rock this week to deliver Covid-19 as well as influenza vaccinations to students, faculty, and members of the public. The facility is accessible to anybody in the community. The clinic was held on Wednesday at Robeson Community College in conjunction with Walgreens and was open to students, teachers, employees, and the general public. Covid-19 injections and flu vaccinations were administered to those in attendance.

Having signed up to the White House and the US Dept of Education to serve as a “vaccine champion,” the college has assisted in the vaccination of more than 200 students against the Covid-19 virus through the clinics on its campus. This designation has been given to it by the White House and the Department of Education.

“Vaccinations are essential in the new college year to ensure that we do not have disruptions,” Singler stated. As a result of COVID-19 transmission rates reaching record levels, our county is in a critical stage, and preventing outbreaks as well as clusters has been our primary priority. A growing number of towns and counties throughout the nation are discussing the possibility of holding flu shot events in conjunction with Covid-19 vaccine clinics in order to assist individuals in being vaccinated both against influenza as well as the coronavirus.

The Centers for Disease Prevention and Control in the United States and the American Medical Association have both said that individuals might get their vaccinations along with a Covid-19 vaccine at the same time. In addition to the pandemic, “there is worry about how we will be able to deal with the flu season,” Freeman said. “This is particularly true for school-aged children.”

Some schools have long acted as flu shot clinics to make vaccines more accessible for students, and clinics have already begun operating in a number of schools throughout the country, according to Linda Mendonca, head of the National Education association Nurses, who spoke to the media. However, it is yet unknown if the next flu season will be especially severe or whether it will be almost nonexistent, as last year.

Because there were few flu cases last year, researchers from the University of Pittsburg Graduate Department of Public Health expect a “big compensating” flu season this year. The unpublished article was uploaded on last month.

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