Companies Demand A Vaccination Need For Frontline Workers

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : August 6, 2021

US employees of Tyson Foods will need to carry proof of vaccination if they wish to work safely. This will be mandatory and when all the employees have been vaccinated,  the company will be one of the first, to have all their workers vaccinated amidst the worsening of the spread.

Companies Demand A Vaccination Need For Frontline Workers

Microsoft had already announced on Tuesday that they are planning for imposing a mandatory need to have vaccination proof. This will force all the employees, visitors, and vendors to carry a vaccination copy when they would be visiting their U.S. office. This rule will be applicable from September and a similar act was applied by Google and Facebook. Microsoft has postponed restarting their work from office mode to October 4. This will allow parents and other employees to continue their work through ease and flexibility by choosing the WORK AT HOME mode.

Companies Demand A Vaccination Need  For Frontline Workers

Mandatory vaccination has been talked about by companies where many companies with more low-income employees have ignored the vaccination policy.

The Tyson Group shared that all their employees from the leadership department will have to get vaccinated by September 24th and the remaining employees by the first of November.  About 56,000 employees have already been vaccinated after the company had come up with more than 100 vaccination events since the beginning of February.

The Springfield Group is planning to come up with such events and is ready to appreciate their front-line employees with a $200 bonus for getting vaccinated.

Commercial Workers represented as the Tyson workers, were against the company for such rules while the vaccines are only having emergency approval from the Food and Drug Administration.

The union would be expected to meet the company officials in the coming weeks to make sure the rights of these employees are protected. Its always encouraging for workers to get vaccinated but making it mandatory before the FDA has completely approved the vaccine is a little bit of a concern.

CEO of the Tyson group, Donnie King spoke that the delta variant has been increasing rapidly and vaccination was necessary to overcome the fear and hesitancy of taking the vaccine. 

Jimmy Dean and Hillshire Farm, which come under Tyson Foods have been affected by the outbreak of the delta variant virus at its factories. Tyson group has shared that they have spent $700 million to safeguard the interests of their workers.

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Walmart, Amazon, and other grocery networks are not ready to mandate this rule for their front-line workers so they can avoid any employee turnover. Instead, they are providing bonuses, off days, incentives, and other campaigns for sharing information. Many unions have also come against this mandate for their frontline workers.

The sudden resurge in the spread of the new variant has made some companies impose masks mandatory. This is applicable to people who have already been vaccinated.

All the union staff at the Stellantis, Ford, and GM will have to start wearing masks again even though they have taken their vaccines. This was a decision announced by a group of representatives and from the Autoworkers union. The representatives of the task force urge workers to get vaccinated so that the mask mandate can be gradually liberalized.

The Spokesman of the United Auto Workers, Brian Rothenberg has spoken against the requirement for a mandatory vaccine due to a health and religious concern people have.

This being said, the vaccine rules imposed on restaurants, bars, and entertainment companies for customers and workers have been gaining momentum.

For any employee who seeks entry to MGM Resorts International, they must either bring a copy of their test report or pay $15 for onsite testing. Unvaccinated employees won’t be paid extra after the test results came positive and they have to serve the quarantine period. But the CEO of the  MGM Resorts group has grown frustrated because of the low vaccine rate of his employees. He has made several offers like hotel stays and discounts for people who were ready to get vaccinated.

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