Coronavirus Live Updates: Students Stayed Indoors At San Diego

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 7, 2020

Even though there was a Labor Day weekend that would have typically sends thousands of students in San Diego State University flocking to the beach his time, they were indoors. Heatwave would have sent them to the beach but, they are ordered to stay indoors due to the corona virus outbreak.

Coronavirus live updates: Students stayed indoors at San Diego

Around 2600 students were present life on the campus. But, the total enrolled for the university was 35000. The lockdown ordered made online classes began a few days ago. To date, the university has reported a total of 120 cases. Finally, after taking a hard line, Northeastern University planned to dismiss eleven students in the first year. The university has plans not to refund their tuition since they stayed together in a hotel in Boston. There was a violation of rules aimed towards the prevention of the spread of coronavirus due to the gathering.

Apart from that, last moths, single wedding reception at Maine accounted for over 147 COVID-19 cases, and that included three deaths, according to the officials. Johns Hopkins offered data through the USA TODAY analysis, and it reported on late Saturday that one of the states, West Virginia, set records with new cases. There were three more states, North Dakota, Missouri, and Kentucky, which set a record number of deaths in the previous week. Hence people were ordered to stay indoors even on the Labor Day weekend since the records created a fear that weekend parties may spread the virus.

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear, On Sunday, announced that the state had set a record in a total number of positive cases with 4742, and it is continued in the second week. There was an up from 4503, which was reported the previous week. There were some significant changes. After 38 students tested positive for the virus, the nine members of sororities and fraternities at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have ordered to quarantine themselves.

Northern University decided to dismiss eleven students in first-year since they violated university protocols for COVID-19 and ignored without refunds. Joe Biden, the Democratic Presidential candidate, also tested for COVID-19, and he told he would continue to be tested “regularly.” Maine wedding at least resulted in 147 cases and three deaths, as reported by the CDC.

CDC officials said, “The wedding reception was in last month, and it accounted for 147 cases that followed three deaths.” Reported by a spokesman for the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention to CNN, Robert Long says, “Apart from this wedding, there are other events as well, which resulted in three digits count. But, the coronavirus spread from the attendees, and it was traced toa nursing home and even to jail that is over 100 miles away. “ Maplecrest Rehabilitation and even in Living Center in York County Jail in Alfred and Madison reported new cases, reported by CNN. In jail, people tested positive for COVID-19 include 19 staff members, 46 inmates, and the other seven were household members.

The COVID-19 pandemic has become a paradise primarily for speeders. The total number of speeders that were caught hurtling who were over 100 mph, at least doubled from January to August. The state’s highway patrol reports, and this was in comparison with the four-age average. Over 15000 tickets in California were issues from March through August just for speeds that exceeded 100 mph. The same is doubled compared to the period a year ago, which continued to spike on from May. A spokesman for the California Highway PatrolOfficer Ian Hoey said,

“The most likely explanation is drivers taking advantage of more open roads because of the pandemic.” If you consider Ohio, the state troopers already issue 2200 tickers from April just for driving over 100 mph. The same is evaluated as a 16 percent increase compared to the same period last year. One of the highest ticket speed reported was 147 mph, and it was in the Cincinnati area. The capers looking for solitude in the mid of the wilderness could not find it. The district park supervisor, Shane Bertsch at the Lewis and Clark Recreation Area near Yankton, South Dakota, said

“This has been the busiest camping season we’ve had in the nearly 20 years I’ve been here.” “I think it stems from COVID. People have just been anxious to get out.” For most people, the destination was not far from home. Gary Garth, “Outdoor recreation – camping, hiking, biking, boating, fishing, wildlife watching and more – was social distancing before the name became part of the vernacular. Still, those trying to get away from it all at Lewis and Clark have to obey safety guidelines aimed at taming the contagion, such as social-distancing rules and group limits of no more than 10.”

The UK already hit the highest count for daily COVID-19 cases daily from May. Whereas Britain recorded the highest daily number in new corona virus cases from May, and it is 2988 on Sunday. After the lock down release, the U.K. is experiencing a rise in the total number of new infections, and it is similar to other European nations. But, there is no corresponding rise with the total number of admissions and deaths. But two new deaths were reported on Sunday. 41,551 was the total number of corona virus cases in Britain, which is the most significant number in Europe.

UV lights were installed on escalators at Sky Harbor airport in Phoenix to kills the virus. But, the travelers passing by Phoenix’s airport will never realize it, but technology is working after installation in escalators for keeping them safe from the virus. Seven UV-C light sterilizers have been installed in Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, and they can be seen in some pre-security escalators both at terminal three and four. The terminals encounter some of the most massive foot traffic. Based on the report by Sky Harbor officials, the UV light will kill 99.9 percent of bacteria.

The light is installed under the escalator’s handrail, and travelers will not notice it. Deputy aviation director for Facilities and Services, Gabriel Nevarez said, “As the handrail is moving, it’s continuous sanitation of the handrail.” If Joe Biden is elected as president, there is an expectation that wearing –the mask can become “standard instead of a necessary or mandate. The same is announced by Vice Presidential nominee Sen. Kamala Harris said Sunday. The standard is not a strong mandate even though some cities across the country announced the mask-wearing was mandated. In these cities, they issued citations for people who ignore the order.


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