Coronavirus Live Updates: Labor Day Vigilance And Safety

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 8, 2020

To date, every Labor Day was considered as summer’s final hurrah, but not this year, since there is a life and death situation now due to corona virus. The spread of infection has taken toll of labor day also this time. Hence, governors have warned people across the country since the U.S.’s corona virus death toll has reached 190000. The number is at least 62,000 more compared to other countries.

Coronavirus live updates: Labor Day vigilance and safety

On Sunday, Andy Beshear, Kentucky’s Democratic Gov. said, “We’re facing the challenge of our lifetimes, and we must do better.” He also announced that The Bluegrass State has now reached a record in the second straight week, and history reveals the mildest cases since the number is 4,742 and it was 4,503 last week. Georgia Gov. a Republican Brian Kemp also similar worry since The Peach State already surpassed 6000 deaths. He tweeted,  “This #LaborDayWeekend, I am urging all Georgians to wear a mask, practice social distancing, wash their hands … By staying vigilant in the fight against COVID-19, we can continue to protect people & paychecks in GA!.” There are many significant developments in the last few weeks.

Johns Hopkins data analyzed by USA TODAY on Saturday showed that there are three states with a record number of deaths in the last week, and they are North Dakota, Missouri, and Kentucky. Since the Jewish New Year is nearing, Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister, has already ordered curfew overnights in most of the cities. The curfew starts from Monday amid since there was a surge in coronavirus cases. If we consider the worldwide number, then they’re over 7000 health workers died to date from the corona virus, based on the report by Amnesty International. The full shows over 1000 deaths in the U.S. The coronavirus double lung transplant is ready to reach home.

Physicians said, “A double lung transplant COVID-19 patient is feeling fine and will be going home Tuesday from a Polish hospital.” 45-year-old Grzegorz Lipinski required a lung transplant since the coronavirus destroyed most of his lungs, according to Marian Zembala. Lipinski is the head and responsible for the medical instruments sterilization room in a hospital, and the hospital is in Tychy, southern Poland. He was treating only COVID-19 patients. Even though initially he was treating in the same hospital, later he needed a double transplant by July, and it was done at the Silesia Center of Heart Diseases in Zabrze where Marian Zembala serves as director. When treated by Black physicians, Black patients showed improvements.

Studies have shown that when Black doctors’ outcome treats black patients is better. But nationwide, there are only 5% of Black doctors, and among them 2% are women, the number is based on the report by the Association of American Medical Colleges. The 51-year-old Katy McField, a single mother residing in Jackson, Mississippi, is now the patient at the Central Mississippi Health Services clinic present on the campus of Black Tougaloo College. Kay McField said, “It’s meant to be taken care of by someone who looks like you, who understands you,” “Other doctors go into the exam room, and they don’t ask your name. And me, when I go there and be treated that way, I’m not going back no more.” Tomorrow’s workplace is no different than a home.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic is continuing, there are many questions raised on what kind of and where the workplace will be present soon? Of course, we are already using video-based conference calls on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Skype, and they will stay with us for some more time. Earlier, these platforms were something unusual, and now, overnight, they became mainstream. More than this, a remote workplace has also created other habits that are difficult to get rid of. In the coming days, since we enter into cold weather, which is entirely uncertain, winter season, and indoor-focused fall, the work environment will continue to be the same as now. In today’s trend, it has become common that “Home is where the work is.” Pre-schools and child care are now forced to change their protocols.

Several pre-schools and child care centers that have been survived in COVID-19 shutdowns are now thinking to reopen. But, the first day of class for the year will look different, and that has to lead both guardians and kids anxious. So, to keep staff, family, and child-safe, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has already recommended new safety measures. The safety measures are implemented by child care programs, for example, reducing the class size and making staff and kids to wear masks. Safety measures may also include staggering drop-off as well as pick-up times. They may also recommend spreading nap mats at least six feet apart and ruling out family-style mealtimes. There are some counties and states that have additional guidance.  A psychiatrist at Boston Children’s Hospital, Dr. Erica Lee, said, “Kids are resilient, and they follow their parents’ and teachers’ cues,” “The calmer and predictability we can create for them at home and school, the better kids will do.” Wear mask today: Newsom, Trump agreed on the same thing.

Now, in California, there is a record-breaking temperature, and it has reached 110 degrees. The temperature rise has resulted in high flocks at beaches, and that could create a potential increase in the spread of the corona virus, majorly in states where there is a large number of cases. Hence New Orleans released a warning regarding “unacceptable gatherings,” which can result in “could have serious consequences that show up in the data two weeks from now,” based on an announcement by city officials. There were 46 calls for businesses and 36 for large gatherings for breaking the rules on Friday and Saturday, mainly in New Orleans, based on the city. Meantime President Trump also urged safety before the holiday weekend. He suggested for social distancing and wearing masks in a place where distancing is difficult. California Gov. Gavin Newsom also tweeted, “Wear a mask. BE SMART. I know we’re tired of #COVID19, but literal lives are at stake.”

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