Covid 19 Deaths Decline As Omicron Surge Decrease

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : February 24, 2022

The coronavirus or covid 19 had appeared in China by the end of 2019. This virus turned the whole world upside down by creating a pandemic situation everywhere. The disease is very infectious, and it turned into a super spreader within a short span of time. The whole universe had to go through lockdown for months. Everybody was trying to cope with their situation in their own way.

Covid 19 Deaths Decline As Omicron Surge Decrease

The socio-economic system was shattered very badly, leading to huge losses in every sphere globally. This virus caused millions of deaths across the globe. All the pharmaceutical companies worldwide had started to create vaccines. Many companies across the world have succeeded in doing so. Two doses of vaccines were already launched after many trials to fight against the Covid -19 disease and they succeeded fairly.

Covid 19 Deaths Decline As Omicron Surge Decrease

 But every time it was changing its features bringing new strain. Each strain is different from one another. Some are powerful while some are sustainable. Some of the notable coronavirus strains are Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, and Omicron.

But luckily the Omicron variant is less harmful than the other ones. Other than the original virus, this variant spreads quickly. It can affect both categories of those persons who have been vaccinated and those who have not taken the vaccines. It is not very dangerous like the other strains. Its effects are also mild, causing less severe infection than the other variants that have come up till now.

The U.S. daily reports suggest that the covid 19 deaths have started to decline as the Omicron variant has faded away. Hospital cases regarding covid 19 diseases have already started to fall sharply compared to last year.

According to the centers for Disease Control and Prevention Reports, on average, more than 2000 human beings are dying every day. The numbers are in an upward direction. But from early February, these death numbers have declined when actually 2500 were dying on an average per day. The number of deaths was falling behind declining infections.

Now in the U.S, the average number of coronavirus cases is around 120,000 per day, which was almost 800,000 in mid-January. It was almost at its peak. Everybody is optimistic about the current situation. The CDC Director is in the hope that everything is going in the right direction.

But they are observing the situation closely. They are still monitoring hospital capacity and the hospitalization rates for the future as it is necessary for the covid 19 measures. They are also focussing on the necessary factors in the current epidemic situation. And also, they have decided to put specific guidelines that are suitable and motivating prevention measures when they are required to protect the health of the people and hospitals.

They have decided to take these steps as many democratic states have decided to drop their masks after the cases of hospitalizations have declined.

Due to this decline in the omicron surge, the public has become very desperate. People have rolled out the use of masks when in outdoor places. But luckily the Biden administration is more careful about easing the use of masks.

The people have become very impatient and frustrated, which is quite natural as their lives have become very difficult for the past two years. Previously, everything was all normal, but this is the ‘NEW NORMAL’ and everybody has to struggle until the situation is better. Hence people should wear masks till it is required and get their vaccines timely. 

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