Covid Delta Variant And Why Is It So Dangerous

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : August 5, 2021

The covid 19 viruses have had a devasting effect on all the people around the world. With this virus now changing its form and the delta, the variant is considered the most life-threatening form. However, all the deaths and hospitalizations are being seen in unvaccinated people and the covid 19 vaccines are still giving us good protection against this new strain of the virus as well.

However, the US CDC has asked all the people who are fully vaccinated to get back on wearing masks even indoors where there is a high possibility of virus transmission. The latest data from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention cited that the disease doesn’t affect the fully vaccinated people however there is a grave concern of the virus transmitting from a fully vaccinated person to a non vaccinated person, causing life-threatening scenarios. This new policy will give a good drop in the infected people and will help children and pregnant women who are not yet fit for vaccination.

Covid Delta Variant And Why Is It So Dangerous

The CDC also commented that vaccines were designed for combating serious illness and don’t count mild or low symptoms. It has also been said that the CDC doesn’t maintain a count for mild cases anymore, but the states are expected to keep this record.

Covid Delta Variant And Why Is It So Dangerous

The delta variant of covid 19 was first detected in India and has very rapidly migrated to all parts of the world and has become quite dominant in the US as well. This new variant has the capability to latch on to the cells and cause issues faster than the previous variants and is more deadly if not vaccinated.

The experts say that the virus will constantly mutate which is not that grave a concern. But what’s more worrisome is that if this is not checked properly and if let to mutate then it will develop into a creating a much stronger variant which might not be curbed by the current vaccine. This is why experts are pushing to make the vaccine globally available so as to curb the mutation of the virus.

Experts say that people should be trained and educated as to why vaccinations are important and how this will help to solve the covid 19 problems. There should be a vaccination drive in every neighborhood and also explain how and why this will be effective in the long future. Only when people understand the grave consequences of not being vaccinated and how main tinting social distancing and other protocols will help save other people will this fully have an effect.

The need for masks has come back due to the spread of delta variants from vaccinated people to non vaccinated people and causing more mutations to occur. When compared to the numbers in India for delta variant if proper protocols are not followed the variant can be as deadly as the first and second wave that hit the US and can cripple the economy and daily life of an individual.

Vaccination drives have been increased in all parts of the states with California, Texas, and Florida still being the most affected states. Special vaccination drives and more resources have been allocated to these states as there is a grave danger of an outbreak here and with delta variant more people needs to be vaccinated as soon as possible.

The government has insisted on not opening offices at full capacity until the situation is under control and a large number of populations are fully vaccinated. Only essential services and other government departments are to be operated at this time.

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