CRISPR May Treat Amyloidosis In The Near Future

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : July 1, 2021

The medications and the quality of treatment that the patients get have enormously increased in recent times. Doctors or surgeons have the access to latest technologies all around the world. New scientific discoveries take place and the researchers work hard in order to evolve advanced technologies which can be better than the present treatment facilities. 

CRISPR May Treat Amyloidosis In The Near Future

According to Health day news, a new report suggests that the gene-editing of CRISPR technology may be able to cure patients who have to suffer from amyloidosis for a very long time. Those who don’t know what is this disease, let us learn that this disease can be very dangerous and can lead to multiple organ failures in the body of the patient.

CRISPR May Treat Amyloidosis In The Near Future

DR. Julian Gillmore who is the lead researcher at the University of London and Riyal Free hospital in the department of the Amyloidosis and the different types of acute proteins phase located in London claimed that there can be wide variations for this disease and getting the treatment for the correct type at the right moment is a tough task to do by the doctors and the physicians. 

The research claimed that in amyloidosis there is an abnormal and unrollable buildup of the amyloid protein in the blood flow of the body of the patient which then is transferred throughout the body and leads o severe consequences. 

Amyloidosis is also termed as the orphan disease but the U.S national Health Institutes as it leads to the failure of organs as an orphan. Those who have this disease may have serious consequences. The overtime buildup of the protein may lead to clogging and can even lead to stiffness in the body. 

In many severe cases this can lead to the failure of tissues and can cause the failure of multiple organs which can be very dangerous for the proper functioning of the body. There are various techniques that different hospitals use to deal with it.

One such hospital is Stanford Hospital which deals with this disease as an organ transplant which would later be followed by chemotherapy. But one thing which should be kept clear in the mind is that it is just a method to reduce or trying to deal with the disease and not a cure. 

The new techniques for the treatment of this disease are a bit fascinating. Gillmore claimed that the gene-editing can lead to a clinical improvement that can be followed by proper medications and drugs. He said that the findings are premature and there is a long way to go. It is in the early stage but the results are pretty good.  

He said that the new treatment is a boon for patients with amyloidosis. The CRISPR can be very promising to deal with patients with TTR. The researchers claimed that the growth of CRISPR is very good and in near future, we may see advancements in technology. The doctors exclaimed that in near future we can cure amyloidosis.  

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