Cyberbullying Is More Common Among Boys Who Spend A Lot Of Time Online

Josiah finn | Last Updated : April 5, 2021

An argument to prevent your adolescent from wasting endless hours digitally and on network platforms is this: As per the current study, it raises cyberbullying, especially amongst young teens. “Many individuals participate in cyberbullying digitally regardless of its privacy and the lack of retribution,” stated Amanda Giordano, the investigating officer. She is a senior lecturer in the Department of Education at the University.

Cyberbullying Is More Common Among Boys Who Spend A Lot Of Time Online

“You need some teenagers which are already developing cognitively, so we’re offering them tech which has a global presence and asking them to create better decisions,” Giordano said. Her group polled 428 teenagers between the ages of 13 and 19, equally divided among boys and girls, for the report.

Cyberbullying Is More Common Among Boys Who Spend A Lot Of Time Online

Private attacks, abuse, offensive conduct, sharing untruthful data, mischaracterizing itself electronically, sharing personal data, social isolation, and cyberbullying were all identified by the authors as forms of bullying. Study participants in the survey said they spent an amount of more than 7 hours a day internet. The actual amount of hours a day was 12 on average.

According to Giordano, online networking platforms are built to stimulate the brain chemical dopamine in the mind’s “incentive core.” She speculated that teenagers might be utilizing cyberbullying to gain views, likes, tweets, and reposts and that this translates into addictive behavior.

Those who are addicted to social networking enjoy it if they are not using it and prefer to utilize it, given the harmful effects Giordano stated. “These detrimental effects may include them being exhausted throughout the day from browsing all day, getting disagreements with their family, receiving bad marks in school or participating in acts activities that they regret later, but they also using social networks.”

According to the research writers in a college press release, teenagers respond to specific cultural rules while communicating with online users than while communicating with peers in general. Since they can’t see the immediate consequences of their decisions, they may have less empathy or guilt. Since it has further privacy and may prevent retribution on social networks, they are sometimes more violent or harsh.

The research further discovered that boys were much more willing than girls to participate in online bullying. As a prevention measure, Giordano proposed that classrooms begin teaching kids regarding cyberbullying and social network dependence at a younger age. This may be in the form of a public education initiative or a community network.

She also indicated that counselors would begin screening them for social media usage if children are engaged in cyberbullying. Counselors can devise recovery strategies that involve assisting teenagers in examining how they perceive their personality and limiting their time spent on public networking sites. According to her, counselors can help minimize the likelihood of such behaviors by interacting at an early age and teaching kids adaptive feelings techniques and appropriate ways to deal with their emotions.

“When you feel it, teenagers are seeking to never find out just how they are off, and also when they need to be digital, throughout that time of growth, we’re offering, even more, to explore, like choosing how they need to portray themselves digitally. I believe we are challenging adolescents to manage a dynamic environment”, Giordano said.

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