New Decision By US Government, Army To Remain At The Base In Japan

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : January 11, 2022

The new decision of the US Government is to curb the tremendous pressure for the COVID-19 rising cases. It is to reduce the worries of the American troops and protect the nation from more infections. 

New Decision By US Government, Army To Remain At The Base In Japan

The US agreed with this plan of action and Japan to keep the troops at the base only in this crucial stage. The US forces present in Japan confirmed the statement that the military personnel would not leave the base. The only relaxation prevails for the “Most necessary Activities” termed as “essential” by the Government. A similar statement was published by the Japanese Foreign Military also. 

New Decision By US Government, Army To Remain At The Base In Japan

With the sharp increase in the number of COVID-19 victims, both countries are going through a crucial period. The US Government also declared that these restrictions would prevail for 14 days. 

According to the statement, “Whether inside or outside the camping, the US militants will compulsorily wear masks. Moreover, each of them must undergo the COVID testing, both at the time of entering or leaving the Japanese base”. 

With the omicron variant taking a giant shape throughout Japan, it is expected that the allies will cooperate, considering the measures to reduce coronavirus spreading. Such restrictions are for protecting the US personnel as Japan witnessed a massive jump of around 8000 cases as per the Saturday report. 

The spiking number in the COVID cases has been more prominent near the US bases. Hence, the country chief requested the US Government take strict preventive measures for the Military.

Taking the warning of Japan seriously, America decided to confine the movement of the Army to the Japanese base only for at least 14 days. Covid tests are mandatory as a measure to protect the nation. 

The restrictions are prevalent in the vicinity of the Iwakuni base near Hiroshima. The rules are more rigid as the area falls under the Yamaguchi prefecture, nearing the US military base and the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum.

The Museum has all the documents and evidence regarding the US bombing incident that took place during the Second World War. Most tourists coming to Japan love to visit this notable place and Hiroshima Castle. Hence, it is important to declare restrictions in these regions. 

As per the previous week’s records, the confirmed daily cases are more than 1200. Although Japan never felt it necessary to declare any lockdown during the pandemic, restrictions were present for the schools, colleges, and social events. 

Boosters are not so popular till now. However, the Government announced to speed up the process in the coming days. More than 80% of the total population took the second shots of the covid vaccine.

The country is in a good position and handling the situation with strong measures. Moreover, it has imposed several restrictions in different sections, especially for all the incoming vehicles. It is a bit reluctant for the home-coming citizens from other countries. 

The average number of death cases in Japan is around 19000, and the number is slowly reducing. It is surely favorable news for the entire nation. The country reported only one or even nil cases in the past few days. 

On Sunday, the government restrictions were prevalent on the three prefectures. They include a group of islands, being one of the prominent bases for the US Military. It houses around 55000 troops, and thus the measures are strictly applicable for all of them.

For the time being, they will not leave the base except for any emergencies. All the citizens and the military personnel are requested to maintain the rules stringently to avoid the spreading of the new variants. Such a measure is expected to curb the rise of Omicron cases in Japan. 

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