Delta Variant May Increase The Threshold Of Herd Immunity To Over 80%, Experts Warn

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : August 6, 2021

Delta variant is more contagious than its original version. And it may push the portion of population to get vaccinated to create herd immunity to more than 80%, health officials observe. They also say that time has come for everyone to wear an N95 mask even in indoor public settings. This has to be done irrespective of the vaccination status of people.

Getting a booster shot, at the moment, is not a priority for the general public. It should be set aside for more vulnerable people like those with compromised immunity.

The focus should be to inoculate the entire population with at least the first shot. And then vaccinate the world at large.

Delta Variant May Increase The Threshold Of Herd Immunity To Over 80%, Experts Warn

The trouble with the Delta variant is that it spreads faster than its predecessors. Quite naturally, it pushes the threshold to attain herd immunity to vaccinating up to 90% of the population.

If explained in simple words, herd immunity for the original COVID 19 virus was 67%. Measles has the highest threshold of herd immunity, 95%.

Delta Variant May Increase The Threshold Of Herd Immunity To Over 80%, Experts Warn

Herd immunity is a scenario where a sufficient number of people is vaccinated so that the entire population stays safe from disease. When it comes to Coronavirus, doctors are seeing this happening. In Counties where the rate of vaccination is high, people are safer when compared to the areas with a low rate of vaccination.

Agencies like CDC also recommend the use of masks indoors in those areas where the rate of transmission is substantial or high. The time when personal protective equipment was rare is long gone. You can easily get an N95 mask from wherever you choose.

After CDC revised its guidelines in masking, health officials advise that everyone should wear an N95 mask. Quality matters a lot. The type of mask you wear can make a huge difference. In fact, it is a choice between a healthy life and falling seriously sick.

When opting for protection through the mask, you mean to block 0.3-micron particles. The mask you wear should be designed to filter such small particles.

Surgical masks are great. But they are not as powerful as N95 masks. They, as their name suggests, filter 95% of small particles.

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COVID 19 is frustrating. There is no doubt about it. But the country has made lots of sacrifices. It should not rush to throw its guard off. We have to get vaccinated and use a mask until we reach that magical number of herd immunity.

The governor also responded to a reporter’s question in the matter. The person pointed out that the music festival that happened last week in Chicago may become a super-spreader. The governor called the gathering concerning.

If one has to go for such gatherings, he should wear an N95 mask. He should also refrain from spending long hours in one place. On a positive note, the organizers chose an outdoor space with lots of fresh air to conduct the event. Even then, it brought people from across the country together.

What is worth notice here is the people’s desire to get back to normal and their reluctance to accept one thing. The country is on the brink of another pandemic.

In the meantime, certain sections of people are looking for booster doses at their own will. According to the State Governor, a third dose should be reserved for the vulnerable population in the country.

More research is needed in the matter of booster shots. Priority, for the time being, should fully vaccinate the entire country. It has to ensure that every single person has received at least the first dose of a vaccine. The country has to set its priorities first before moving further, he said.

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