Delta Variant Is The Most Infectious; Young People Are falling Prey To The Rising Coronavirus Cases

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : July 20, 2021

Hundreds of thousands of Americans are in peril, risking lives and livelihoods to the most contagious strain of coronavirus the world has seen. According to a statement given by Dr. Scott Gottlieb to “Face the Nation” on Sunday, either most people will get vaccinated soon, or get this Delta variant. 

Delta Variant Is The Most Infectious; Young People Are falling Prey To The Rising Coronavirus Cases

Continuing further, he said that for the people who get this Delta variant, it is going to be the most serious lifetime to enter their bodies until now and they are at high risk of getting hospitalized. Dr. Gottlieb was commissioner of the US Food and Drug Administration in the tenure of the Trump presidency. Not only vaccinations, but the quality of masks people wear is going to make a difference on the face of an infectious virus such as Delta. 

Delta Variant Is The Most Infectious; Young People Are falling Prey To The Rising Coronavirus Cases

In research conducted which studied 62 cases of the Delta variant, it was found that the Delta variant is about 1,260 higher in viral load than those of early 63 cases of different epidemic waves. 

While the cases rise, vaccination rates are down. The only option to win against the spread of the coronavirus is to get more and more Americans vaccinated. Dr. Francis Collins said earlier this week, that people are dying with the spread of the Delta variant and it shouldn’t be waited on for things to get rational. 

Arkansas is the state with the highest number of cases. In a Question and Answer session conducted on Twitter, Chancellor Cam Patterson was asked about the impact of the Delta variant and he said that in the present scenario, hospitals are full and cases are doubling rapidly. He added that if this continued, there will be challenges to medical care, even for the none-covid patients. Even if hospitals are available, medical staff is at an acute shortage.

According to the numbers given by the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, even when the vaccines were available for a long time, only 48.3% of American people are fully vaccinated. 

What is more alarming is the fact that the Delta variant spread, is sending younger and healthy people to hospitals. An infectious disease specialist, Dr. Catherine O’Neal, said that this year’s virus is not the same as last year’s. Delta variant is attacking the 40 years old, parents, young people, and kids. O’Neal, who practices at Louisiana’s Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Centre said that her patients are more in their 20s, the age group who was previously healthy. 

More than 97% of deaths due to COVID-19 in Louisiana we’re due to partial or no vaccination among people, according to John Bel Edwards. 

Surgeon Vivek Murthy, who earlier raised his voice on the spread of misinformation on social media platforms becoming a major reason for people not getting vaccinated, said that it was unlikely to get a breakthrough infection from the vaccine. It may happen only in a minority of people, likely ending with mild or asymptomatic infection. 

Because of the mindset that forcing the people to take vaccines was taking away their freedom and power of decision making, now all the 50 states have spread them, the most infectious Delta variant of coronavirus. 

In Los Angeles County, numbers have increased to 300%. Coronavirus hospitalization has doubled from last month. This led to the reinstatement of the policy to wear masks even indoors, regardless of the vaccination or corona-free status. While Arkansas has the lowest vaccination rates and doctors are feeling helpless 

Even though the chances of kids and young people dying from the infection are low, more of them are being hospitalized and facing long-term complications. There have been several COVID-19 outbreaks during the summer camps. 

There is still a shimmer of hope that people will realize the importance of getting vaccinated, and free the country from the clutches of the fourth pandemic wave.

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