Despite Covid-19, Pediatric Wards Are Full Of Infections Other Than That

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : August 28, 2021

In Texas Children’s Hospital, coronavirus cases are on the rise, almost all because of the Delta variant. The kids being seen in higher numbers are also sicker.

On top of this, most of them also have a second disease at the same time, usually the respiratory syncytial virus. Children across the country are afflicted with covid-19 and RSV, a combination that has them in the hospital. The past few days and week have seen high numbers of children at Children’s National Hospital in Washington, DC, says pediatric emergency medicine physician Sarah Combs.

Despite Covid-19, Pediatric Wards Are Full Of Infections Other Than That

Combs told CNN: We see more and more people coming in with colds, pneumonia, and respiratory distress, meaning they need help breathing, in increasing numbers. Summer is typically a time when RSV isn’t an issue. The problem is just not there.

Despite Covid-19, Pediatric Wards Are Full Of Infections Other Than That

That’s how it is in Texas as well. Dr. Jim Versalovic, an interim pediatrician in chief at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, said the Delta surge is accompanied by a resurgence of other respiratory viruses. In Ohio, too. RSV is on the rise, according to Dr. Joshua Schaffzin of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital’s infection prevention and control division.

Without the joy of Christmas in July

He explained that it is not a seasonal phenomenon. We usually encounter it around the holidays. The gift isn’t exactly a gift because it’s something we don’t usually get to see. Other respiratory viruses including parainfluenza 3, rhinoviruses, and enteroviruses can also cause the spread of hand, foot, and mouth diseases, in addition to these three hospital facilities. Combs says that normally rhinovirus causes the common cold.

Combs added: It usually causes only mild symptoms. The common cold is caused by it most often, so we shouldn’t be surprised that children are getting sicker than they usually would. As a result, we are seeing children that are just that much sicker. These children may need breathing assistance like a BiPap. A bilevel positive airway pressure device is a low-cost and non-invasive way to keep the lungs supplied with oxygenated air. Versalovic told CNN that Covid’s focus for 2020 was the most important factor.

Children are now being admitted to the hospital with viruses that normally do not land them there, in addition to more children having Covid-19. Versalovic said the Children’s Hospital Association and the CDC are sharing data on this topic to further investigate this issue.

Last summer, the CDC warned doctors that RSV was being reported more and more frequently across the South. Data from the CDC show that RSV has been on the rise across the entire country. Combs says illnesses are coming. He says cases are on the rise. The children need our help. In addition to the clear cause of the surges, the pediatricians also see clear actions to prevent them.

The beginning of the school year means germs for kids

Versalovic said he witnessed children mingling and playing out and about during the summer months. In addition to being involved in extracurricular activities and getting together socially and playing, many children are also congregating in preschools, kindergartens, and, obviously, elementary schools – high schools too. In addition to development and being in class in person, we need to continue to emphasize the importance of masking, since masking not only protects one from Covid but can also avoid these co-infections.

In addition, there are other concerns. Since last fall, there have been no seasonal viruses to worry about among kids. Combs said one thing to remember is that we essentially sheltered many of these children during Covid. According to researchers, their immune systems were not exposed to the normal routine viruses such as rhinovirus as often, so they couldn’t mount those types of micro-responses and keep themselves healthy.

Schaffzin said: It was a bubble baby, wasn’t it? They have been contained by you. We quarantined these children and then all of a sudden released them. In the summer, they attend summer camps, and we’re even considering returning to school. These relatively naive immune systems are suddenly facing a lot of viruses, and they aren’t as ready to fight them as they were 18 months ago.

In the absence of flu in 2020-2021, Schaffzin said that all that masking and social distancing during the pandemic earlier in the pandemic was paying off.

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